Senseless sonnet


You're not alone when you are still with me;
Oh Christ! that one could have some privacy!
Since you were thou and I was therefore thee;
Since I was you, I couldn't have been me.
Travested thus within this curvèd vault
Though deeply distant, pleasant for us both;
Senseless with flames of joy, no sense of fault
And absent like a candle crazèd moth.

Give me your socks and put my garments on!
Devise some means by how we can this disguise!
So much is mine that would be yours anon,
That taking what is yours as mine I must advise.
You do beguile me! O that he should flee
From himself to you, or from herself to me!

With apologies to Michael Drayton 1563-1631

Parody and image modification, transposition © Mirino. 
(Top portrait of Michael Drayton by unknown artist). October, 2012

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