The Plan

Dark clouds rumble in the distance, as though they are suffering from acute indigestion.
They look threatening, and without being countered by a fresh, lucid breeze, they could drift over to blacken the entire sky, spit hell fire, and vomit on all of us. The way things are going perhaps we deserve it.

When one reflects on the Ukrainian affair and how it was handled by the USA and the EU, the word 'fiasco' easily springs to mind. But maybe what seemed to be a lack of intelligence, foresight, and above all, diplomacy, might have been all part of the 'Plan'.
After all, it was essentially an internal affair.
The former elected President, Viktor Yanukovych, rejected the idea of the Ukraine joining NATO. In his view there was already enough mutual cooperation, and the Ukraine also had to consider its military coordination with Russia. Yanukovych also appreciated that joining NATO would understandably create friction between the Ukraine and its close neighbour, Russia.
Naturally this makes sense, but the West, encouraged by the multi-billionaire who had, in anticipation, already invested in the Ukraine, thought otherwise, and protests were encouraged to counter the Ukrainian President's wishes to turn more towards his Russian neighbour economically and socially.

The demonstrations, coined the 'Euromaidan', lasted some months, and eventually led to the overthrow of Yanukovych.
A new government was established, but not democratically. There was no time for that. A coalition government was set up in March, 2010, with considerable help from the West. It was therefore naturally in favour of Europe and NATO, and only too eager to turn its back on Russia.

The ex-premier Tymoshenko stated in 2010 that lawyers who contributed in forming the substituted coalition government received bribes of $5 million dollars each. In June of that year Yurly Lutsenko and again Yulia Tymoshenko maintained that opposition deputies had been offered $1.5 million with $25,000 per month if they joined the coalition.
This volt face caused protests from the pro-Russians in the Ukraine, and unsurprisingly provoked riots which eventually spurred the Russian annexation of Crimea. Since then Russia has been subject to economic sanctions. They are probably more harmful to European interests than to Russian interests.

That's the rough backdrop, and the American pretext to treat Russia as the 'enemy'. So while Obama and Soros fan the flames of such dated differences, and pretend that Putin is the evil foe, they also encourage Europe and certain democratic nations such as Australia, to virtually do away with their border control to generously welcome migrant 'friends'.
The initial pretext was to give assylum to war-torn refugees, which would have been noble, but since then the term 'refugees' has been subtly changed to 'migrants'. This change of name was necessary because it's painfully obvious that most of the migrants are not refugees. There are very few women, children and old people compared to the influx of mostly young male Muslims. Curiously there are no Christians, no Copts nor Kurds. They seem to have been forgotten, and in any case the Kurdish men and women are too busy fighting ISIS in the front line. Strangely the EU, the USA and NATO show no concern. Ironically it is mostly the Christian populations in Syria and elsewhere who continue to be persecuted by radicals armed by Turkey, which also means the USA.

This then is the incredible scenario. The inane, pretended project, to assure the future populations of Europe, the USA and Australia, etc., with the help of male Muslims, is in reality only a recipe to create conflict and chaos, as we are now seeing, and as I have already alluded to. How can it possibly be otherwise?

If the situation were not so serious, it might even be amusing, because nothing is going according to the make believe plan, which is in fact a time bomb. The EU has agreed to, or has been bribed into, wearing a very big bomb belt over which it seems to have no control regarding the detonation.
Obama's unbridled vanity has made him reveal his true loyalties and objectives. This, on top of her own serious errors of judgement, may also have contributed to diminish the chances of H. Clinton's being elected US President.
Obama's false friend Erdogan is irrevocably ruining his nation which risks to become a totalitarian Islamic menace.

The famous plan, or ticket to Dystopia, has become so obvious to most thinking people of the world, that those who are still contributing towards this objective look ridiculously sold-out. Angela Merkel is ruining her reputation as well as the nation she represents. Cameron saved himself in extremis. Hollande must cease to blindly follow Obama and think more about cooperating with Russia, if he wants to finish his mandate a shade more worthily, rather than even more miserably.
Needless to add, at this crucial period the UK should start getting its priorities right. It should no longer look for political guidance from the EU, or from the USA, certainly whilst Obama still presides.

The world must stop being persuaded that Russia is an expansionist enemy. As far as the Ukraine is concerned, if the tables were turned, if we were dealing with a fictive nation of which a considerable number of the population identified itself culturally with the USA, and wished to conserve its identity, Obama would have been under tremendous pressure to defend the interests of that community. In this respect Putin has shown considerable restraint.

Not to cooperate with Russia to fight a common enemy (ISIS) is dangerously absurd. On the contrary, it is the only rational solution to remedy all the problems, including the underlying problem of Syria. It is obvious the only possible strategic key. To obstinately continue this stupid scenario also for the sake of an inane plan which is so harmful, a plan that is only a megalomaniac's vain pretext to create a nightmare of chaos, using Muslim migrants as the catalyser, is unpardonable.

Very recently Pope Francis was not afraid to say that we are at war. 'I'm not speaking of a war of religions, Religions don't want war. The others want war'. He wasn't even referring to the war with ISIS. He was referring to the war of financial interests, of resources. The real, underlying war, the rabid, evil pursuit of economic power.

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When Vladimir Putin declares that democracy no longer exists in the West, he must be alluding to the power of money. If multi-billionaires feel it's in their interests to invest in a democrat candidate like Obama, for example, such a large investment is bound to carry weight. It wouldn't be limited to the candidate's presidential campaign either. It would certainly have to include as much media support as can also be purchased. And when one makes such a generous investment and it pays off, the investee is then morally bound to the investor, similarly to whoever sells his soul to the devil.
Is this not why Obama is now endorsing the chaos that George Soros has initiated by pushing Angela Merkel and thus Europe into accepting masses of so called refugees? Is this not also why he too is inanely treating Russia as an enemy, to protect the Ukrainian investments of Soros? The multi-billionaire also established a foundation in the Ukraine that contributed towards toppling the nation's elected executive, to then replace it with a US State department chosen junta. This episode was apparently overseen by Hillary Clinton.

The Clintons have a privileged relationship with George Soros, but it's possible that G. W. Bush would never have likewise benefitted from any sorosian generosity.
Soros believed that the 'fight against terror' was counter-productive, but he never anticipated 11/9/2001. Had he been able to foresee this and the initial opening of Pandora's box in Pakistan, perhaps there would have been other huge fortunes to be made.

Ideally, in tandem with such incredible financial power, should come a developed sense of forethought and responsibility, but if the desire for power is too dominant, then all other considerations are bound to be secondary.
A megalomaniac tends to believe that he is always right, although sometimes he might admit that he is wrong. Nevertheless, if such a person decided that the value of the pound £ sterling was too strong in relation to the euro €, he would tend to want to try to do something about it. This Soros did in 1992 by buying ten billion US$ of pounds £ and selling them short. He made a billion $ in the process. For this he earned the title of 'The man who broke the Bank of England', and the consequential currency crisis in the UK is known as 'Black Wednesday'.

Chairman of the 'Open Society Foundations' that he launched in 1993, and firm supporter of the American progressive, and liberal ideologies, Soros endorses his open society, and has considerably invested in this as we are now painfully experiencing. The Merkel plan is part of this. That the term 'refugees' has since been changed to 'migrants' is significant in itself.
The negative global consequences of this are so apparent that nations' leaders who still persist in trying to justify the influx of mostly male Muslims, appear to have been shamefully and ridiculously bought out.

The reaction of Hungarian authorities are refreshingly realistic in comparison. (George Soros, by the way, was born in Budapest, Hungry. His original name was György Schwartz).
Replying to a comment made by Clinton regarding the migrant issue, the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said, 'The remarks made about Hungary and Poland have a political dimension. These are not accidental slips of the tongue. And these slips or remarks have been multiplying since we are living in the era of the migrant crisis. And we all know that behind the leaders of the Democratic Party, we have to see George Soros. Although the mouth belongs to Clinton, the voice belongs to Soros.'
In response Soros spelled it all out very clearly. Alluding to Orban's political stance, he said, 'His plan treats the protection of national borders as the objective and the refugees as an obstacle. Our plan treats the protection of refugees as the objective and national borders as the obstacle.'
To illustrate the extent in which the migrant influx has been orchestrated, 'Migrant Handbooks' have been produced especially. Examples were found on the Greek island, Lesbos. They are written in Arabic for the benefit of migrants before they attempt to cross the Mediterranean. The handbooks had been supplied by a group known as 'Welcome to the EU'. Hardly surprisingly, 'Welcome to the EU' is financed by the Open Society Foundations.

Soros is also considered to be a philanthropist. But in view of his partisan, if not sectarian dealings, and his callous, financial speculations, (one of which also caused chaos in Asia) one doubts if his so called philanthropy is not governed/determined by cold, financial calculation, rather than by warm, spontaneous and sincere generosity.
In any case it's obviously a useful cover. One can help a struggling State, by generously investing in its industry. If this proves unsuccessful one could then create chaos. Either way a quick fortune can be made.
I recently learnt that Soros donated more than $33 million to the 'Black Lives Matter' organisation. If this isn't incitement to racism, violence, division and therefore more chaos, nothing is.

With regard to Europe, the USA, Canada and Australia, what else could be the ultimate objective of flooding these democracies with Moslem migrants? Social and economic chaos is the only possible answer. The NWO (New World Order or more exactly 'Disorder') scheme is so idiotic that one now suspects it to be only a poor pretext. George Soros is intelligent enough to know that apart for him, nothing of any positive value will result from such a moronic project. But an unscrupulous person perhaps vain or cynic enough to consider himself divine, even though he might have more in common with the devil, can make billions from chaos, providing he first purchases the servility of leaders cupid and stupid enough to allow it to happen, which certainly seems to be the case since the floodgates for migrants have been opened.

The above was written before the evil terror attack in Nice, France last night. But could one not say that there is a connection?
Sincere condolences to the victims and their families.

Ceci a été écrit avant l'attentat diabolique qui a eu lieu à Nice hier soir, mais ne pourrait-on pas dire qu'il y ait une connection?
Condoléances les plus sincères à toutes les victimes et leurs familles.


Text and image © Mirino. (with thanks to Tyler Durden for any additional information). July, 2016