The sky

The comfort of continuity, that the sun will always rise and dry the dew. That even when clouds are thick and grey, the sun is still there. The reassurance of another new day, another new gift.

The sky appears to be an infinite and evocative world in itself. Constantly changing wherever one is, and wonderfully varied above every part of our Earth.

It sometimes seems to be the mirror of our sentiments, or a guiding influence which often at it's best can evoke hope and confidence.

Yet the sky seems able to express every possible nuance of sentiment from the mildest to the most violent. Its infiniteness represents our aspiration, our Heaven, our future, sun, moon and stars. Despite what we can accomplish, we are dwarfed by its immensity and reminded of how much we depend on, and are a tiny part of this immensity, this fabulous cosmos.

One can imagine this awe-inspiring relativity can be felt looking down on the Earth from the darkness of space. So unique and precious. To reflect on history, how small and ephemeral our life is, our civilisation, the history of life itself and perhaps even our world is, in relation to this immensity, where time and space are infinite.

The sky is a master piece of truth in endless transformation. Whether it evokes formidable violence or sublime peace, it can always temper vanity and inspire humility. It can make us smile, close our eyes, and dream.


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Prepuzio said...

Wonderful composition of images and words.

Mirino said...

Thank you, Prepuzio! I'm honoured.