Unreasonable Notions

This UN booklet generally treating immigration as a positive development for the world, seems totally detached from the realities of humanity and civilisation, oblivious of cultural differences. It's all statistics and percentages, as though human beings were emotionless, numbered robots that can fit in anywhere with the help of a little preplanned integration squeeze, programmed to snap nondescript migrants easily into place like lego bricks.

Are there any UN administrators who have an inkling about the history of civilisation, for example?
Whilst reading all this meaningless data, one thinks of Israel under serious attack, one ponders on the continual persecution of Christians in the Middle East. One thinks of courageous Asia Bibi. Then in one's drifting mind's eye one sees the thousands of beings marching from South American towards the USA. Ironically, some are waving their own national flags as would an invading army.

If national, cultural identity, which is an essential facet of individuality, is deemed by certain illuminati to be 'a thing of the past'; in their imagined 'brave new world', their unnaturally imposed concoction of humanity, what takes its place? What substitutes patriotism in Terra nullius?
A world without nations would be like a town without houses. It would be a world devoid of stimulus, of competition, of the strive for excellence, the incentive to surpass oneself, to reach the stars, which is fundamentally the strive of survival. It would be a mournful desert of rigid conformity. It would be a futureless Dystopia.

When each house is restored, repainted, fondly maintained, swept clean, and lived in; and each garden is cultivated with love and care, to be cherished by a family, it all naturally contributes in making the entire world more beautiful and meaningful. Obviously this has always been the case, and naturally an integral part of the history of civilisation.
It has nothing to do with possession, it has to do with freedom, love, identity, trust, respect, and good will.

Adam Smith's 'The Wealth of Nations,' first published in 1776, is certainly very old, but in principle it can never be considered dated, because it's common sense philosophy. The common sense, for one important example, that everyone benefits from individual success.

Millions of people can continue to be positively moved, exalted, in contemplating a unique masterpiece. Art, common sense, and human nature itself, is not effected by time. But an establishment that transgresses such basic principles of common sense, of civilised freedom, of individuality, cultural identity, which naturally include root religion; call it the United Nations, or the Useless Nonentity, whatever springs to mind, such an establishment that has become transgressive, will never survive the rigours of time.

 Text and images © Mirino. November, 2018