Icicles and fire

Almost the end of January. White pages, blank mind.
I could string some of my many comments together including those censored by ideological moderators. It might even make a novel poem.
State of mind, sign of the times.
But this month has been loaded, to say the least, and even if a major battle is won, the war certainly isn't over.

However, today one feels slightly more encouraged due to François Fillon who, in spite of an orchestrated effort to politically assassinate him, made a very good speech yesterday. He said what should be said, and what the people need to hear. He has, surprisingly, the makings of a fine, perhaps even great, President for France.
What he says is good, how best to express it, only comes with practice. But timely pauses between well thought out phrases are also golden.

In my modest opinion, if he's elected there will be hope not only for France, but also for Europe. No doubt the EU will back the socialists, who blindly and obediently follow the politically correct cortège proudly marching to Dystopia.
Socialists, especially French ones, don't make waves. Their boat never leaves port. They go nowhere whilst continually discussing vague possibilities regarding how to contend with tedious tides. In actual fact much of their time is consumed in trying to find means of doing away with their political opponents. We saw the same thing in the USA, with fake news, and certain Hollywood celebrities and European know-alls making absolute fools of themselves. Similar to lemmings, they swim against the strong tide of democracy risking professional suicide.

Whatever one thinks about the newly elected US President, anyone who can come through the mainstream media barrage and flak, (including European and Arabian) the establishment, the staunch socialist and liberal defenders of political correctness, the paid off turncoat Republicans, leading bank supporters of the Clintons, the rife voting fraud, generously paid false accusations of alleged improper conduct, millions of dollars invested in Clinton by Soros and the Gulf States, the extravagant, unpresidential promotion of H. Clinton by Obama and his wife, etc., anyone who can victoriously break through all that still smiling, can only be a winner.

A wish to end the first month of the New Year, and conclude this modest effort, is that we can also come up with winners here in Europe to get it back on the right track. François Fillon, for one example, might be a good start.

Top image and text (with thanks for the use of local forest fire image) © Mirino, January, 2017