Winds of change

The political climate in Europe is changing just as much as the meteorlogical one. In the former case it’s definitely manmade, not subject to universal laws, yet who knows? There’s a reason for everything.
It was only a matter of time before the people send strong signals to the pontifical, EU cynics who pretend to represent them, that they have had enough. 
Of course the Eurocrats and members of the Useless Nonentity will stage their incredulity and horror at the rise in what they and their msm puppets would label as 'extreme right wing', if not terrifying new wave of 'fascism and racism', etc. In reality the people have simply cast their votes according to common sense.

Did the establishment honestly believe that it can continue indefinitely on this false ideological track without eventually derailing itself? Even the Pope is trying to adjust his garments, belatedly, to the change of wind. In the near future he might even deign to point a finger more accusingly at the radical Muslims responsible for the genocide of Christians. Again, who knows?

Multi-culture comes about naturally, with good will and mutual respect, or not at all. When it comes about naturally, obviously it works, and in this case it’s certain that it has a very positive effect. Certainly it works in the USA. It worked in Lebanon, in an exemplary way, before the invasion of refugees.
It goes without saying that invasions, especially programmed invasions, contribute nothing positive to any society. They certainly contribute nothing to culture. The invader wants to conquer, take over and impose his own laws and dogma. He doesn’t virtually force his way into Europe to admire the architecture, the Cathedrals, and savour the culinary delights and good wine of Italy or France, for example.

One should never try to compare the invader with the European migrants who, in the thirties, for example, spent all their savings in order to get to the USA, then after a long, tiring sea passage, stood in line holding a number, hoping to gain the privilege of being granted admission. No doubt later, many of the admitted stood in awe and admiration gazing up at the new Chrysler building in Manhattan, NYC.
They too, were pioneers in their own way. They took on any job available, and were thankful for it. They worked hard and built up something solid for their families, and for the nation. They became proud, patriotic Americans. Often such people even gave their lives defending the USA, and its ideal of freedom.

In sad contrast, the social experiment that the EU executive seems to have sold itself to, is a dismal failure. Most people with sufficient common sense anticipated this. Those who really care about
humanity would have stopped promoting this inanity as soon as they were aware of the harm, the innumerable tragic deaths it was causing.

The historic evolution and geographic diversity of every European country has also naturally created its own particular social differences within its populations. Clearly these differences of cultural identity add to the particular charm of every European nation.
Europeans who have worked in various European countries and who speak two languages or so, are well aware of this, and see it as the essential wealth of Europe. One can easily live a whole life time without ever being able to discover all the delights that Europe has to offer, without considering those of any other continent. Yet this essential wealth seems to have been glossed over, or even dismissed by the EU executive. 'Nations' and 'nationalism' have become politically incorrect. As mentioned previously, Emanuel Macron even claimed that patriotism is the opposite of nationalism, when the words are the closest possible synonyms. But then ideologues are capable of deforming meanings and truth to suit their incoherent ideology. An ideology which seems to theorise vaguely that even invaders might eventually suffice as the social catalyser to impose conformity and thus false federalism, etc.

Evidently all this is the cause of the change of political climate, like a strong breeze clearing dark, threatening skies. Assuming the EU has a solid future, it has to be reformed. It has to represent Europe which means Europeans, and not an ideology blindly pandering to invaders.

Text and graphism (with thanks for the use of the basic image) © Mirino. May, 2019