Christmas times

Christmas is coming
And the goose is on a diet,
Santa's been down-graded
So it's bound to be quiet.

If you've got a penny,
You could put it in his hat.
(It's the thought that matters
   As he can't do much with that). 
Noël arrive
Et l'oie est sur régime
Le Père Noël est dégradé
Donc nous sommes tous victimes.

Si vous avez un penny
Mettez le dans son chapeau,
Il ne peut rien en faire,
Mais le geste est assez beau.


As we approach another Christmas, having tightened our belts by one or two notches, (in keeping with whatever allocated 'brandmark' has been- or will be- bestowed upon us by the three credit rating kings who may have travelled far in order to lovingly watch over our interests) we are nevertheless determined, therefore bound to enjoy our celebrations.

Yet another Christmas, when good-will should reign, and perhaps all the more so to compensate for it not always being the case during the rest of the year.
The precious moments of family reunion, to share the joy of the fare and of getting together once again.

Then there are the times of change when Christmas isn't as it was, and not only because the children are growing up to take off elsewhere.
Those of us fortunate enough, never forget the Christmases of when we were young. How precious those warm memories are, and how clear they still remain in the mind's eye.

However one wishes to celebrate Christmas, it's always very special, and important to continue, so that when the young ones are 'fully fledged,' they will also be able to look back, remember and smile.

Mistletoe memories, souvenirs like snow white pearls, cosily treasured in the velvet corner of our hearts.
Merry Christmas to us all, and let's make it- 'at any rate'- a far better New Year than even the 'three Kings' could ever have credited and anticipated!

There are times for singing,
Making friends
And homely nest
From odds and ends

Times to help
The young ones grow
Then times when they
Take off and go.

Yet nothing flies
As well as time,
Such is the reason
For this rhyme

For if of hard times
One is spared,
The very best
Are those most shared.


Il y a un temps pour chanter,
Pour faire des ami(e)s,
Et de petits riens-
Faire de petits nids

Un Temps pour aider
Les jeunes à pousser,
Puis un temps où ils
Vont s'envoler.

Mais rien ne vole
Comme le temps,
D'où cette rime
Et sa raison

Car si de temps durs
L'on est épargné,
Les meilleurs temps
Sont ceux partagés. 


Ci sono tempi per cantare,
 Incontrare amici,
 E di poche cose
 Fare nidi soffici

Tempi per i piccoli
Da aiutare,
 E tempi in cui essi
Possono volare

Ma meglio del tempo
Nulla può volare via,
Tale è la ragione
Di questa poesia

E se dei tempi duri
Si sono risparmiati,
I tempi migliori son
  Quelli insieme passati.


Text, parody, doggerel (with thanks to Rob for checking out the Italian) and images © Mirino. December, 2011


Mirino said...

Yesterday morning the computer refused to start. The problem will be diagnosed if not today, after Christmas.
'Ne demarre pas, voir alim et prevoir recup les données'. Imac late 2006. Spare parts still exist, but not for long.

The imprisoned part of oneself is forced to rest, but one should never abandon one's soul to technology.
It's therefore free to celebrate Christmas comme il faut.

As the BBC used to say in the good old days- 'Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible'..

Merry Christmas!

S. R. Piccoli said...

Merry Christmas, Mirino. Hope you have a great holiday season! (I also hope normal service is resumed ASAP!)

Mirino said...

Thanks Rob. Apparently it's not too serious, so I should have it back soon.
Who cares? It's Christmas and I am now at the 'hoping to be able to have a discreet siesta stage.'
Trusting you and yours are also celebrating fittingly. All best wishes, et à très bien tôt!