Gobil and the Greenfly

Whilst flying home one misty day
The little Greenfly lost his way.
Not far from there old Gobil lurked,
Singing softly as he worked-

'Spin, spin, tuck it in,
Knit one split one, safety-pin.
Web is sticky, web is strong,
Dinner time will not be long.'

 The little Greenfly was so small
He never saw the web at all,
But landed upon Gobil's nose,
So grateful for the brief repose.

Old Gobil twitched then kept quite still,
Certain of his spidery skill,
But then he sneezed, (to his dismay)
And blew the Greenfly on his way.


A methodical fly got caught 
In a web a spider had wrought,
But he stayed very still
And made out his last will
As his life would soon end,
He thought.

The spider, however, was old,
And had recently caught a bad cold.
When he started to cough
He shook the fly off,
And this tale the fly
Later told.
For the Rainbow alphabet doggerel, please go here

Image and doggerel © Mirino (PW), July, 2011

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