Sensum communem

The Fountain Head, written by Ayn Rand in 1943, is an excellent novel underlining the total counter-productivity of socialism and overinflated State control, as opposed to allowing individual enterprise, encouraging exceptional talent consolidated with integrity, and devoted artistic expression.
The fact that the film version produced by Warner Brothers in 1949, starring Garry Cooper (as the architect Howard Roark) was demeaned by negative criticism from the establishment media even
then, underlines the quasi constant, latent power of socialism. Nevertheless the book has sold more than 6.5 millions of copies and has been translated in twenty languages.

What Adam Smith, Scottish Economist and philosopher of the 18th century, advocates in his 'Wealth of Nations' is still considered a chef d'œuvre of economic common-sense. This common-sense has always been dismissed by socialism.
His work is based on the logic that everyone benefits from individual ambition and success. That people buy good bread from their favourite baker, not because their wish is to please the baker, but because their wish is to please themselves.

Had Steve Jobs not had the freedom and opportunity to produce and perfect his Macintosh computer, the whole world would have been deprived of the best personal computer and communications systems.
One could argue that multinationals are killing off small businesses, but there are international laws regarding competition and monopolies. The fact that other communications systems have more or less ripped off the Apple system in a round about way, shows what Apple also has to contend with.

Competition obviously has a positive effect. Without it humanity will never be able to reach the stars, which eventually will become an absolute necessity.
Personally, I could spend weeks trying to protect my own copyright, which through Internet is being pirated constantly. So it works both ways.
If I took the time and was accorded the freedom to produced something considered worthwhile, then obviously I am not the only one who benefits.

The nations who promote and officialise same sex marriages, and impose incoherent, gender theories on children in schools, constitute neo-Marxist or socialist attempts to condition children and depreciate family values. In this respect Russia is well qualified to give the West valuable advice based on its own experience of failed Marxist ideology.

Throughout their schooling all children without exception should be given the same chance of obtaining the best possible education. But socialism decrees that this equality should reflect in the results. In order to determine this fabricated equality, one would have to discourage those who wish to advance in order that the mediocre pupils have some sort of chance in catching up. Naturally this would lead to a general mediocre level of education. In fact socialism systematically engenders mediocrity.

This mediocrity could also be applied to the present moronic merkelian madness of pretending that mixing up incompatible cultures will eventually produce a positive, multicultural society. At best it would subsequently produce culturally destructive mediocrity, but it would be not unreasonable to suggest that one could eventually end up with Dystopia. 

Text © Mirino. Image- book cover of the first edition of Ayn Rand's The Fountain Head. 
September, 2017