Global warping


The global warming club, fearing that global warming is not quite as evident as they had predicted, (the temperature on the terrace here in Italy this morning, only 500 metres in altitude, and 30 km from the Mediterranean coast was -4°. In Moscow today it's -8°. Tomorrow the high is forecast to be -13°, the low -21°) have modified their climatic prognosis term that for them could augur the end of the world, to 'climate change'. This is a far safer term because it cannot possibly be repudiated.

(The word 'global', itself, is becoming ideologically overused. The UN keep plugging it, because such a useless nonentity desperately needs a new reason of being. The institution seems to have absurd illusions of grandeur about being amongst the elite leaders of the brave new 'global' order, wet firework myth).

To return to the subject of climate. Naturally climates change, according to geography, the seasons, moon phases, universal laws and natural phenomena far above the heads of mere pretentious mortals.
Let us take wine to illustrate an example. The product from grapes that rely on certain seasonal conditions. Some years for wine are truly excellent, others are really quite good, some are average. None are ever disastrous. Whatever the conditions, vineyards are lovingly cared for, and wine is made each year.

This has been the case since the Celts. They were already producing wine as far back as 400 BC, more than two hundred years before the Roman conquest. The Romans carried on the tradition obviously for very good reasons, then the monks took over, for the same good reasons. As far as one knows, there is no Celtic, Roman or monastical record of global warming, or climate change. Yet who knows? Perhaps there were times when self-proclaimed divinities predicted climatic catastrophes before they were dismissed as village-idiots and forgotten.

Hundreds of years later Samuel Pepys wrote in his famous diaries of how unusually hot it was in London during one particular summer. Pepys never jumped to the conclusion that this could mean that a global warming phenomenon was nigh, caused by excessive horse flatulence, and smog. He never referred to climate change. Although he had a weakness for women, he was nevertheless a devout Christian, and such faith gives one total confidence that Almighty Power knows what He (or She for the complexed) is doing, far better than modern day Parisians for example.
Failing to successfully grow cherry tomatoes on their balconies, Parisians might be more inclined to believe that such a failure underlines once more that mankind is now subject to a period of horrendous climatic catastrophes.

The Climate Change club predicted that the Antarctic icecaps would melt and consequently the sea level would rise. They also predicted that Europe and other continents would suffer from too much torrential rain. There's no evidence of any rise in the sea level, and we haven't had any rain in our area since October. True, this is abnormal, but it contradicts the dire Noah's Flood predictions of 'those 
who know better'.

How can one pretend to predict the unpredictable in any case? Today we have sophisticated means to be able to forecast the weather for a few days in advance. Yet in spite of this impressive technology, we still quite often get it wrong. If we get it wrong say four days in advance, how on Earth can we accurately predict climatic change years in advance?

(Perhaps one can make a comparison regarding the enormous errors of judgement concerning geopolitics, ideology, social and economical interests, cultural identity, human nature, etc. If 'those who know better' get it totally wrong regarding international politics and the evolution of human society in general, how can they possibly claim to be able to predict the workings of cosmic phenomena? Yet the same quasi self-proclaimed divinities are the ones who always make the most serious errors. Errors that constantly lead to tragic consequences. Sadly we are seeing such negative consequences caused by these pretentious financial and political morons at this present time).

To return to atmospheric conditions. We can certainly affirm that pollution has a negative effect. Although millions are raked off from the polluters, which seems to be more a pay to pollute scheme rather than a pay to invest in reducing pollution, nothing of any consequence has been, or is being done to reduce pollution.
It is still an unavoidable reality that the creation of energy also creates pollution. The energy of life itself. A mere fart is a modest example. Without forgetting carbon dioxide of course, (CO2) the natural by-product of cell respiration of oxygen (O2) which also produces water (HO2).

Electric powered cars are not the solution if it takes nine years for such a car to produce less pollution than a car powered by diesel fuel. The nine years takes into account the amount of pollution produced by making the batterie. Yet even that doesn't take into account the amount of pollution produced by a used battery when it has to be disposed of.
In view of the improvements made to automobiles every five years or so, how many people keep a car for nine years in any case? Before a car is four years old one has to have it technically controlled. Older cars have to be controlled every two years, if not less. In other words motorists are certainly not encouraged to drive cars older than eight years, at the most.

No doubt mankind will eventually find the solution to reduce pollution in an honest way for means of transport, and means to create industrial and domestic power, but in the meantime, the rife hypocrisy, the rip-off, the sacrosanct argument- 'we have a duty to save our planet for future generations', etc., when there's no real, effective solution as yet, and when OPEC is still making billions selling its plenteous resources of fossil fuel, should cease.

It's certain that mankind's destiny is also to reach the stars. Perhaps it will eventually be a necessity in order to survive. (The Noah cycle?) But it would be so nice to believe that our appreciation for our beautiful planet from which we still have so much to learn, will continue to increase to a point where much greater care is taken regarding all its forms of life and its natural resources.
Humility, which is far more a force than a weakness, is also necessary in order to be able to put things into realistic perspective, to fully respect the miracle of life, the extraordinary mechanism of the vast universe, and the sweet paradise confided to us for a relatively brief period of time.

This particular little corner of the planet, is certainly a sweet paradise. Each garden is cultivated with love and care throughout the seasons. Seasonal variations are naturally accepted by wise old gardeners who have absolute confidence in God, and the workings of nature.
They sow seeds, plant shrubs, prune their fruit trees and vines, harvest and gather also in function with the phases of the moon.
There are excellent years, quite good ones, and average ones, depending on seasonal weather conditions. This climatic evolution is naturally an essential part of the intrinsic beauty of paradise, where wine is made, olive oil is produced, and tomatoes, aubergines, etc., are religiously grown, every year.

I have referred to this subject before, here, also because it's a subject politically, financially and ideological exploited in a shameful and dishonest way. 'Those who know better' are trying to persuade the gullible that thanks to their care and attention, everything is under control, as long as the control is left entrusted to them, and as long as one is willing to pay the necessary price 'to save the planet for our future generations...'   

Text and photos © Mirino. January, 2019