Alter argumentum

An Alternative Argument of his weblog

I sing of buttocks, breasts, bliss and beauty:
Of every moment of sublime duty.
I write of warm grass perfumed by the sun,
Where often blessed deeds are gladly done.
I sing of Life, of Love, and have access
 By these, to treasured thoughts of each caress.
 I sing of storms, of snow and of sweet nights
 Of perfumed pillows, sheets, warmest delights.
 I sing of Time and of Time's sifting sand,
               How timeless dreams live on within dreamland.              
 I write of sunsets, seas and in praise sing
 To all that is beauteous, and everything.
                 I write not of Hell, for what Hell is worth,               
 But of Heaven, or Paradise on Earth.

With apologies to Robert Herrick
The Argument of his Book

As Sonata in Praes o Molli (decipit frons prima)

Mollis abutti,
Has an acuti
No lasso finis;
Molli dii vinis
 O mi de armistris,
Imi na Dis tres;
Cantu disco ver
Meas alo ver.

Jonathan Swift

Parody and image © Mirino (PW). Swift Sonata- The Chatto Book of Love Poetry.
With thanks. January, 2012

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