A seasonal poem

When icicles hang from one's nose,
 And one lies frozen 'tween the sheets,
And you can never warm your toes,
And snow lies deeply in the streets; 

When ice forms solid on windscreens,
 Or to start the car you have no means,
Then you receive the garage bill! 

A merry note from greasy Will.

When all around is grey and bleak,
   And coughing means you've caught pig flu,
And iced up pipes begin to leak,
And for the plumber there's a queue; 

  When lips are sore, chapped and split   
 And ev'n gloved hands become frost-bit
And chilblains then inflict your feet!
You live in hope for global heat.


Text (with apologies to Shakespeare) and image © Mirino (PW) December, 2009

1 comment:

Mirino said...

So as not to conflict with the parody, let me add the original Roy Robin doggerel as a 'comment'.

Roy Robin is a sturdy bird
Now almost two years old,
He knows it's almost Christmas
And he doesn't mind the cold

He wears a scarf and cosy cap
Crowned with a little bell,
And when he flies it jingles
Although it's hard to tell.


Roy est un rouge gorge fort
Presque agé de deux ans,
Il a le cœur bien chaud
Et supporte le mauvais temps

Il porte écharpe et bonnet
Couronné avec clochette
Et lorsqu'il vole elle tinte parfois
Meme si c'est difficile à admettre.