Gathering nuts one autumn day
Little Lobelia lost her way.
The sky grew dark,
The west winds blew
And by the beech woods
Dead leaves flew.

The little squirrel found a tree
Dry, Hollow and snug as could be.
Sheltering there safe from harm
Lobelia slept in warmth and calm.

She dreamt of stormy winds and rain
And trees that bear you home again.
And in the morning, clear and blue,
Lobelia found her dream came true. 
Ramassant en automne
Des noix, une soirée
Petite Lobelia s'est égarée

Le ciel s'est assombri
Le vent d'ouest soufflait
Et par la forêt de hêtres
Les feuilles mortes volaient

La petite Lobelia s'est abritée
Dans un arbre tout creux
Qu'elle avait trouvé
Et là à l'aise et hors de danger
Elle s'est fait un lit doux
Pour se reposer

Elle rêvait d'orages
Et d'une forte grêle,
D'un arbre magique
Qui la ramenait chez-elle

Et au beau lendemain
Lorsqu'elle s'est réveillée,
Elle a vu que son rêve
S'était bien réalisé.


The animal series of illustrations and their original 'doggerel poems' for all ages, were carried out several years ago, for the artist's amusement. Translations were added later, including a few also in Italian. They might be considered useful for young students interested in learning languages. Students might even be tempted to create their own interpretations. If this were ever the case naturally I would be very interested in reading the results.

The idea of the Rainbow alphabet doggerel, comfortably hosted at the Wind Rose Hotel, was for students of English regarding pronunciation and comprehension.

Text and illustration © Mirino (PW). October, 2012

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