Macronmania is quite wide spread, but naturally it's more concentrated in France. For one example, each evening the French are blessed with eager discussions about Him, as part of most French TV channel news bulletins. Apparently the subject is a limitless source for discussion. The knowing individuals invited to take part in such ear taxing exchanges are all certain that their personal opinion is the pure verity.

Obviously the mania applies also to Macron himself. His recent mania of touring the 'hexagon' doing his televised debate spectacles, for example. Local mayors were accorded the right to pose questions that he would appear to carefully take note of, before giving interminable discourses that seem to do more to mesmerise than impress his audiences.
During such debates no one would bring up subjects that might trouble the French President. The subjects were limited to local problems that they hoped the government would solve.

The motive of these endless debates, was to defuse the explosive anger of les gilets jaunes. It was however, a bad calculation. For over four months les gilets jaunes have been protesting. There have been deaths, many people have suffered from serious injuries. Properties and vehicles have been destroyed or badly damaged, and shops have been pillaged by those the French call casseurs.
During last Saturday's protests even Le Fouquet's, a famous and rather expensive Parisian restaurant, was targeted and damaged also by arsonist casseurs.

Castaner, the minister of the Interior, declared during the following parliamentary meeting that there was a problem of 'management'. He actually used the English word, perhaps to baffle the critics of what is left of the opposition. Whatever, it was ill chosen, obviously because it comes down to an admittance of his own guilt, simply because he is the manager.

Rather than organise a debate with the first concerned, Macron apparently prefers to go round the richer estates of those who, seemingly in his view, matter more. A fatal mistake. Les gilets jaunes are planning to establish their own political party, in order to be heard. All the negative consequences of the weekly demonstrations, might never have been as such, had Macron descended from his high
horse, and proposed to organise a meeting with a delegation of les gilets jaunes, to try to finally reach some sort of understanding.
Clearly it is this disdain, mixed perhaps with fear, that angers the protesters more than anything else. It's this rehashed, class division that is constantly fanning the flames of their anger and frustration.

Incredibly Macron seems quite oblivious to this. The lack of respect he seems to have for ordinary people, for the nation he is supposed to represent, is made even more apparent by his having sneakily authorised his agreement to the UN pact, which constitutes signing away a degree of French sovereignty. The same applies to his signing an agreement with Merkel, concerning a joint, mythic European army. These commitments were made without any previous debate, without ever seeking to first obtain the approval of his electors, or a prior agreement with the leaders of any other European nation.

This, in fact, is the core of Macronmania, or Macron's megalomania. He has a mania of gazing at the stars. Not the galactic stars of the infinite cosmos that one might observe with wonder and humility. The humility one naturally feels when one is aware of how small and insignificant one is in relation to the vast universe. No, Macron gazes at the stars of the European flag. A meaningless, unimaginative flag that totally lacks any historical significance.
His aspiration was already apparent the day he was elected President of France. He made sure it was primarily embellished by this meaningless flag. By this was he not giving priority to an ideology, including the federalisation of Europe, far above the reality and cultural identity of the nation that elected him President?
Not long ago he wrote his famous letter sent to all heads of European States, even going to the trouble of having it translated in as many different languages. The letter was not received as well as he might have hoped. 

When Macron publicly claims that nationalism is the opposite of patriotism, he makes a fool of himself. When he insults the Italians and tries to give moral lectures to member States of the Visegrád Group who defend their sovereignty and their individual constitutions, he not only reveals his inordinate disrespect, but he also shows how over eager he is in supporting the inane establishment's (UN, EU, etc.) ideology regarding immigration and globalisation.

Ironically this idea riddled with flaws like a boat full of holes, has started to sink. There is even a growing number of socialists who are beginning to feel that their feet are getting wet.
And when György himself prophesies that the EU will fail, unless the eurocrats start getting their act right, this is most significant, as well as curious. All more so coming from the multibillionaire who has spent many millions launching a boat full of holes.

If such is the case, there would be several thousands of gilets jaunes, millions of their supporters, and maybe as many millions of Europeans who would not be adverse to seeing Macron go down with it.

Text and image © Mirino. March, 2019