Reflections of time, in all regards. Le miroir du ciel et de la vie.
Images constantly, kaleidoscopically metamorphosing.

According to one's appreciation of this phenomenon, the artist can always try to imagine such images, allowing, for example, water-colour to express itself to obtain an effective and beautiful result. But can one conceive such extraordinary effects created by the elements of nature herself? Can one recapture that unique Venetian luminosity, for example? And why even try?

Why try to otherwise reproduce such marvellous work accomplished perfectly by the phenomena of nature?

The camera is a means of expression like any other. Obviously capturing the desired image takes a lot less time than trying to render anything like it with any other media, but in all cases one should have a reasonable idea of the results one wishes to obtain.

With photography it's necessary to foresee this even more. To anticipate the kind of light, where to be, at what angle to position oneself, and how far to zoom in at a certain moment or during a certain event, to know one's camera in order to be certain of the framed result.

To compose with care and then wait for that precise, anticipated instant. It's also the reflection of one's way of seeing. A certain regard, a certain reflet, just as magic. A personal sentiment determining a personal expression. The reflections of time, in all regards.

Text and images © Mirino (PW) Photos from 'Reflets', a selection of work actually on exhibit. July, 2011

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