The Lion and the Ant

 Old Edward sat upon the mound
 And roared with all his might.
 Poor Joseph living underground
Woke up with quite a fright.

                 He pulled the bed-clothes o'er his head              
And wished the lion would go
But Edward kept roaring instead,
As if he didn't know.

The noise was formidable
 And caused the walls to shake,
 The antique horologe to wobble,
 And the earthen-ware to break.

                        Joseph was quite ruffled                      
 As ants can often be.
  He got up, stretched and shuffled
 Out to make a cup of tea.

Old Edward liked to roar
                    To antecede sunrise.                    
It made him feel more
  Lordly, and it kept away the flies.

Joseph was an antagonist,
                                Who knew what he must do.                               
(As the poem's protagonist,
 He was quite a brave one too).

 The Ant marched out to face the Lion
 And shouted, 'Go away!'
 The Lion yawned, then ambled offion   
Thus seeming to obey.

 Proud Joseph was no coward
To have overcome his fears,
But he didn't know that Edward
Was deaf in both his ears.

Old doggerel to start a new month. 
For the Rainbow alphabet doggerel, please go here

Poem and image © Mirino (PW) September, 2011

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