Ben Grib

A dedication, and a promise...

Ben Grib is a spirit of optimism. A light, nocturnal breeze of hope that caresses our face, reassuring us when we think of others who deserve justice and respect. A promise of life and history.

His smile and sweet music tell us that everything will be fine, no matter how things have been, are still, and no matter how long it will take.

He reminds us like history itself, that the future never belongs to those who hate, who abuse the people they pretend to represent. It's never reserved for those whose objectives are obsessional, ignoble and therefore impossible. It's not for those who try to realise vain dreams or even ephemeral nightmares. The future is never the inheritance of those who defy and abuse the God they pretend to worship, in their obsessive pursuit of personal power.

This is a small but timeless dedication to those who hope for a better tomorrow and have been cruelly deprived of today, of what they have every right to. Naturally their efforts and sacrifices are not in vain. Each one is a paving stone that contributes to form the path leading to a better future and a better world.

We share this still magnificent world, and we see the same moon that sends us its promises.

Everything will be fine, eventually.


He sweetly plays
His violin
And taps his feet
And grins his grin

He points to stars
And bows to trees
And plays duets
With summer's breeze

He talks to birds
And smiles at skies
Where rainbows form
Through half-closed eyes.

At dusk, just like a gentle rain
He softly taps the window-pane
And melts into the velvet night,
A silver cloud veiled in moonlight.

Text and Illustrations © Mirino (PW) July, 2009

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