Dawn of conflict

The establishment, which is not made up exclusively of socialists and neo-Marxists, seems to believe that Islam is the appropriate dogma to keep society in line. All true religions, especially Christianity, are therefore expendable, and the process of elimination appears to be underway at this present time. This would explain the official international horror regarding the New Zealand, Christchurch killings of 50 Muslims, as opposed to a sort of resigned attitude regarding the 359 Christians slaughtered in Sri Lanka. It would explain why nothing is being done to protect the Nigerian Christians who are being systematically wiped out. It would explain why the placed, pawn Pope turns a blind eye to this constant horror, and continues to welcome Muslim immigrants into Europe with open arms, Muslims amongst whom would certainly include potential killers of Christians.

The establishment, including the UN and the EU, can do all it can to persuade the gullible that Russia and China are dangerous enemies, but facts and trade agreements obviously contradict this. Like Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Japan will never accept imposed Islamisation. In spite of Russia's allies, of which Iran is becoming more problematic than valuable, curiously Russia's ties with Israel seem closer. This might also be why Russia is allowing Israel a large amount of leeway to carry out strikes to secure its border with Syria.

Unlike the EU, Putin and Trump are fully aware of the consequences should Israel ever fall. It would be enough to trigger off WWIII. Such a catastrophe would be followed by a massive surge for world domination by radical, if not 'non radical', Muslims in general. It's doubtful however, that they would be united. It would be a complicated, messy 'free for all'. The establishment would no longer be calling the shots. It would have no control over the thousands of autoproclaimed, Islamic warlords. The great powers would once more unite to defend their interests and cultural identity.

To feign blindness to our enemy is no longer possible. Those who still try, including the Pope, reveal themselves as absurdly false, hypocritical, puppet appeasers.

The burning of Notre Dame, no matter how it was caused, (although arson is more likely than not) should also be felt as a violent shake to wake up the western world from its apathy and passive torpor.

Questo è chi siamo. Questo è la nostra identità culturale difesa attraverso secoli di storia. Nonostante gli sforzi effimeri di coloro che sono privi di fede e d'integrità, che siano falsi, venduti rappresentati delle NU, dell'UE o persino del Vaticano. Che siano gli accoliti di un'illusione falsa, un dogma del settimo secolo, non riusciranno mai a negare chi siamo.

Text and lower image by Mirino. (With thanks for the use of top image) April, 2019.