The deaf Rat

As simply as that
The elderly Rat
  Stealthily scampered away.

He wasn't spellbound
Being deaf to all sound
 That any Piper could play.
He chose to abide
In calm countryside
Where he raised a family

                        With ardent élan                          
                                 The numerous clan                                  
   Was born of the rule of three.
As such a large horde
Must have food and board,
 The old Rat announced his aim:

To take the whole breed
Where they could all feed,
    In the town from whence he came.


Text and images © Mirino (PW) April, 2011

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Mirino said...

Rule of three-
If two rats can make twelve rats, twelve rats can make seventy-two rats.
Seventy-two rats can then make four hundred and thirty-two rats, and four hundred and thirty-two rats can make two thousand, five hundred and ninety-two rats, give or take a few rats, as nature will have it.