Hubrarb in disorder

A strange disorder of the mind
 Kippers with cloves are hard to find :
A lawn about to be well mown
In neat lanes of divisiòn :
  Herring and plaice swim there, and here
The former red, like Irish beer :
A playful cuff, which begs reply
 That rivers flow, one can't deny :
 And tidal waves (whilst one writes notes)
 To tempests that chastise the boats :
                    A careless stranger whose bow-tie                    
               I see is like a dragonfly :              
Do inspire madness more than art
 And wanton thoughts of hurbarb tart. 
 With apologies to Robert Herrick (Delight in Disorder)
The neglected lover
Parody and image © Mirino. June, 2011

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