Sunshine and snow

Yesterday morning walking Cayden, there were indeed flakes of snow lit by sunlight as they danced about in the gusts of cold wind. This made me ponder yet again, on the pretentiousness, hypocrisy and charlatanism of those trying to exploit 'climate change'. The term 'climate change' has sneakily substituted that of 'global warming', because 'climate change' is naturally indisputable, whereas 'global warming' is far less evident, certainly at this present time, even in the south of Europe. A parallel could be the changing of the term- 'refugees' to 'migrants'. The waves of young invaders to Europe are indisputably migrants, whereas it's far less evident that they are refugees.

In its epic, climatic history of 4,543 billion years, the Earth has been subject to five major ice ages (the Huronian, Cryogenian, Andean-Saharan, and the actual Quaternary glaciation). Apart from these ages of which we are in an 'interglacial period', (the Holocene, of the ice-age which began 2.6 million years ago) studies reveal that the Earth had been free of ice, even at high altitudes.

In contrast, one of the warmest of the geologic periods is known as the Neoproterozoic. This occurred between 600,000,000 and 800,000,000 years ago. Another 'hot age' is one geologists call the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum, which came about approximately 56 million years ago.

However, such 'heatwave ages' were nothing compared to the early 'Hadean' (like Hades, or Hell) periods when the solar system was unsettled. Intense heat was caused by the Earth colliding with other huge meteorites and even small planets as large as Mars. Such a phenomenon is thought to have caused the creation of the Moon. It is estimated that the Earth's temperature following the birth of the moon was as high as 2,300 Kelvin or 2,027 Centigrade.

Man came on the terrestrial scene approximately 200,000 years ago, at a more accommodating period. In relation to the age of planet Earth, this period represents the following fraction :  1/22,715,000.

Although there is no feasible explanation regarding the origin of mankind, it took him (and certainly her) some time, but only an instant in terms of universal time, to evolve to the point of being able to reason, sometimes quite positively. This drive to enlightenment pushed him (or her) to begin to record annual temperatures in limited locations, let's say, for example, in Rotherham or Sutton Coldfield, UK. This began as long ago as 1836. This means that such annual temperature and climate records pertaining to such limited locations have been kept for a staggering duration of 182 years.

If man (or woman) assumes that this is enough time to reach an unequivocable conclusion that man is responsible for whatever climate change, or climate 'abnormalities', or 'global warming', etc., then one can only surmise that man (or woman) still needs a fair amount of time to continue his and her evolution, also in order to develop more positively his/her/its faculties of reasoning.

 If one were less pretentious, or less eager to exploit the gullible, the polluters, (those who can't afford an electric car, or who don't live in area where such a car can be easily recharged) one might limit one's affirmations regarding climate change simply to their existence, and not to any ridiculous assertion that man, women and transgender nondescript minorities are responsible, taxable, ignoble, polluting, climate criminals.

Indeed, climates change constantly. Tomorrow will not be exactly like today in any region or square mile. Every day is unique, another pattern of the eternal, cosmic kaleidoscope.

Climates change, and it's just as well. Universal law sees to that. We could try to revive faith in Almighty Power. We might try to appreciate our insignificance in relation to the magnificent universal order of things. People who exercise such sincere faith and humility are more often rewarded for their efforts. They are far more conscious of reality, simply because they are nearer to the Earth, unlike others who take themselves for Gods, with their sanctimonious heads in the clouds.

Those endowed with modesty and common sense also know that nature, or Almighty Power, always has the last word. And there's absolutely nothing humanity, including the multibillionaire, self-proclaimed divinities, can do about it.

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Angela Dorothea Kasner was born in Hamburg in July, 1954.
She was the eldest of Horst and Herlind Kasner's three children. Their father was a Lutheran Pastor who, having received his Pastorate in Perleberg, moved the family there in East Germany, long before the reunification of 1990.
After qualifying in quantum chemistry in 1986, and working as a research scientist until 1989, Angela Merkel ('Merkel' from her first marriage) became increasingly taken by politics following the 1989 revolutions. Evidently she succeeded brilliantly in this field.
The religious and geopolitical background could explain reasonably enough her concern for the plight of 'refugees'. Nevertheless one is always free to query her motives.

Since the July, 2016 article of the Independent, levels of contention regarding immigration in Germany have gradually risen. In updated 11/9/2017, deportations of migrants, opposed by the 'greens', are, at least to some extent, reported to have begun.
The Bild, however, reported that the German authorities ‘lost track’ of 30,000 rejected, asylum seekers. In November, 2017 the newspaper stressed that it had received more than 20,000 responses demanding immediate deportation of all rejected, asylum seekers.

Quora puts the question to Germans. Those who think it’s a redeemingly noble cause, seem totally oblivious of certain realities.
No one refers to the plight of the neglected and persecuted Yazidis, Kurds, Christians and Copts. No one raises the question of why preference is given to Muslims, the majority of which are young, healthy males, many with smart phones, who look as though they are coming on an all expenses paid, European vacation. Too many of them can never qualify as refugees in any case.
The majority of the German population seem to be unaware of the fact that the Koranic decrees of Medina literally grant licence to ‘devout’ Muslims to intimidate 'infidels' and perpetrate evil, for the sake of the Islamic cause. The objective would be to gradually, generally impose Islam.

In December, 2016, Merkel admitted that ‘multiculturalism’ is a sham. Yet she wants to believe that communities can live happily, side by side. The large Turkish community in Germany (allegedly more than four million) might prove that this is indeed possible. But then why are the Turkish authorities, if not the majority of the nation's Muslim population, unwilling to accept the presence of other cultures in Turkey? Why do the Turks seem obsessed with waging war on them wherever they can find them?

What would appear to be a German illusion that being generous and kind to the crocodile will eventually change its nature for the better, is a fallacy that only naive fools would believe. To continue to allow naive fools to govern a nation, if not lead Europe, would be far too irresponsible and risky. But as Angela Merkel is an intelligent person, and certainly not a naive fool, surely there must be other reasons that will eventually, no doubt, come to light.


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N'est ce pas une société triste et mesquine qui tolère l'intolérance mais autorise ses forces de l'ordre de piéger les motoristes modestes qui osent dépasser la limite de vitesse un brin le jour même de Noël pour le partager avec leurs familles?

Et quelle manière digne des trois singes, de commencer une nouvelle année en évitant d'encourager le peuple Iranian qui risque sa vie pour la liberté!
Même en cet an nouveau va-t-on continuer la pantomime pathétique? Pour combien de temps encore?

Aujourd'hui les Chefs d'Etats dignes de leur fonction sont peu nombreux. Mais ce sont surtout eux les cibles de la haine des idéologues, les neo-Marxistes épaulés par les media myopes et vendus.

L'idéologie camouflée par le soi-disant 'humanitarisme'. Puis la nouvelle religion du réchauffement planétaire' pour faire peur afin d'exploiter financièrement et politiquement, ou de taxer les pollueurs sans toute fois les empêcher de continuer à polluer.
En somme le règne de l'hypocrisie continue, autant que ceux qui font mine de nous représenter la pratiquent.

Mais jamais on ne devrait être pessimiste au début d'une nouvelle année. Il y a quand même la consolation qu'eventuellement la vérité l'emporte toujours. La vérité est la lumière qui définit ce que l'on voit. Même les formes camouflées, dissimulées, sournoises et sinistres finissent par apparaître clairement devant nous, parfaitement visibles enfin, et parfois de manière flagrante et ridicule. D'ailleurs le soleil se lève déjà, et malgré le brouillard, la pluie et le mauvais temps, le roi est nu!
Alors levons nos verres, et trinquons à la Bonne Année!

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Snow comment

Another Christmas, but it's been a sad, cold December. Max died. Yet what a wonderful life he had, and what an unforgettable companion he has always been.
Max was too special to be deprived of his final days, and be put down. That we were there with him was enough. The rest, he took on himself without ever a whimper, although God knows it's never easy. A little hero in his seventeenth year.

Cayden knew, and helped him in his own way. We all miss Max, but we know where he is. On our walks every day, Cayden pulls me to the little garden, by the waterfall where Max lies. It's a little ritual, but maybe it helps smooth things for Cayden, to come to terms with losing his little paternal friend.
We can learn so much from our canine companions.

Le dernier adieu de Max, deux jours avant de partir

Another Christmas to end yet another crazy year, maybe even madder than the last. Perhaps we tend to think even more in terms with what Christmas essentially represents, because it's evident that this real aspect is being methodically, ideologically undermined.

This also makes one think of Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. The UN, like the EU, can make their own club judgements and resolutions, but can one affirm that they represent the truth, and the will of the people?
Do they reflect historic evidence?
The intelligent world would be reassured that Jerusalem is in capable hands for the benefit of everyone, of all religions, for posterity. The sacred city is not a possession. It's not something that can be divided into three or four equal parts as if it were a cake. It commands far more respect than that, and deserves the greatest of care from those reputed to be the most responsible and caring of people in this regard.

What with Max trotting off to heaven’s kennel, it wasn't an inspiring moment. One could say in defence of what I painfully managed to finally come up with, that the deer were in rut and made off, leaving Saint Nicholas in a huff. He nevertheless set out as best he could, although he had obviously forgotten his snow shoes.

Merry Christmas to all faithful and patient readers of Viewfinder, and all best wishes for a saner, healthier and happy New Year!


Nazareth, where the site (St Joseph’s Church) of Joseph’s carpentry atelier is found, and where there is an underground ‘Synagogue Church’ where Jesus is said to have studied and prayed.
Bethlehem (city of David) birth place of Jesus, lieu of Rachel’s Tomb, an important Jewish Holy site.
Jerusalem of the Kingdom of Judah. According to biblical history, King David established Jerusalem as the capital of the United Kingdom of Israel. His son, King Solomon, was responsible for the building of the First Temple, all of great symbolic importance for the Jews as well as the Christians. It was near Jerusalem where Jesus was crucified.

After Mecca and Medina, Islam considers Jerusalem the third most sacred city. However, in view of its history, of being destroyed at least twice, besieged 23 times, attacked 52 times, captured and recaptured 44 times, one wonders if it’s not considered more a prize of war, than a sacred city.
Given its biblical and factual history, what justifies so much the Islamic revendication? Could one not make a parallel by imagining Christians and Hebrews tirelessly conquering and reconquering, defending and redefending the cities of Mecca and Medina, then constantly claiming them as historic prizes of war, or 'possessions'?
If this nonsensical hypothesis were historically true, one would also imagine that the UN would categorically reject such an outrageous Christian and Hebrew claim. 

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Another poem

I love this season, and when, literally out of the blue, you are blest with a surprisingly warm day with a cloudless sky in mid November. It's naturally Heaven sent.
Here particulary, in this hidden, Italian haven, a tiny paradise in a mad world.
Autumn always brings on nostalgia. Contemplating the long shadows, the thoughts flash through one's mind like the sunlit, golden leaves.

Europe is a beautiful continent. So rich and divers in culture and geography. So steeped in history. Old and mellow like a fine, rare wine found in a cellar full of history and cobwebs. But can one say that those who pretend to represent Europe have the stature to assume the responsibility?

Without wishing to harp on about the famous 'agenda' that most people still shrug off as yet another conspiracy theory, despite the total lack of coherent explanation as to what is being imposed, how can the EU seriously pretend to represent and defend the interests of Europe when it seems to be going out of its way to do exactly the opposite?

The reactions are evident, and not limited to Europe, because the 'agenda' is naturally 'global'. But instead of attempting to reverse the process in order to regain the confidence of the people the establishment claims to represent, it derides those who understandably have serious doubts about it. The EU demonstrates its disdain. The Visegrád Group who oppose the irresponsible imposition of migrants and care for the safeguard of their culture and the security of their people, are virtually treated as fascists. In fact the EU trend seems to be, that anyone who dares show any hint of patriotism, is more or less labelled a Nazi. The Brexit decision is cursed, and ridiculous assertions are made as if the UK will become a worm eaten, old carp dying a horrible death after the oxygenised, pristine waters of the EU will be cut off.

In contrast to the ever welcome, brave new world, Muslim migrants who can do no wrong, Trump and Putin are considered the 'elite', arch-enemies of EU progress.
One can, however, seriously question the objectives of the EU. Even without trying to pin the club down in doing so.
Without considering the constant negative consequences in Europe, how can the EU and all those engaged in the incoherent process of imposing immigration where it is not wanted or needed, blindly continue the experiment knowing full well that it is causing the deaths of many thousands of would-be migrants from North Africa? All ending up at the bottom of the Mediterranean for the sake of a merkelian illusion.
Isn't that alone, enough to make one want to disassociate oneself from such cretinous, cynical ideologues?

Simple people who grow their own vegetables and make their own wine and olive oil each year, have far more confidence in nature than in the pompous, political pantomimes that go on in Brussel and elswhere.
There's young Macron proudly strutting about the world eager to be acclaimed as the divine saviour of the planet. He will cure climatic abnormalities and pave the way to glorious globalism. He seems to think it's all an easy banker's trick.

Of course, the old men in their gardens have seen it all before. They sadly smile as they store the last, still green tomatoes in their cellars, knowing that they will redden. They never talk about things of no importance. They are wiser than that. They have confidence in nature and Providence. For them each year tells its own story, like another beautiful poem.

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Les copains

Max est entré dans sa dix-septième année. C'est un bichon maltais. Cayden lui, doit peser environ 30 kilos. Il n'a que trois ans. C'est un croisé entre un border-colley et un berger-allemand. Gatsby, le chat, est leur copain. Lorsqu'on doit partir pour quelques jours on laisse toujours Gatsby car il déteste la voiture et préfère rester à la maison aux soins d'un gentil voisin. Il sait toujours qu'on va revenir.

Quand Max, déjà vieux, a perdu sa copine Lune, une petite cotton, (qui ne vivait que pour manger) il ne voulait plus vivre lui non plus. C'est pour cela que l'on a pris Cayden. D'abord tout petit il prenait Max pour son papa. Ils dormaient dans le même panier. Cayden a donné à Max le goût de vivre à nouveau. D'ailleurs même après quelques jours, son état général s'était extraordinairement amélioré.
Bien que Cayden grandissait, il prenait toujours Max pour son papa, et Max se vantait d'être le chef. Plus tard il y a eu des moments où ils se disputaient, mais Cayden, qui aurait pu facilement tuer Max s'il le voulait, ne lui faisait jamais mal. C'était du cinéma, comme les premières disputes entre un jeune homme et son père, qui au fond s'aiment profondément. Donc c'est certain que Max, a été ressuscité par Cayden.

Dernièrement cependant Max a pris un coup de vieux. Il avait déjà de graves problèmes concernant sa colonne vertébrale. En plus il est aussi devenu très sourd et presque aveugle. Mais malgré tout cela, il a un courage extraordinaire, et il ne se plaint jamais.
Un jour, Max est libre. C'est donc un bon jour pour lui de point de vue vision et santé générale. Mais il a du manger quelque chose qui lui a flanqué une indigestion assez sérieuse. On pensait qu'il allait mourir. Le lendemain soir, Cayden l'a grommelé d'une manière impressionnante, mais sans lui faire mal, comme toujours. C'est après que l'on a réalisé que Cayden voulait le secouer, car par la suite Max s'est débarrassé de ce qui le gêner.

Aujourd'hui Max ne peut plus facilement descendre les escaliers, sauf s'il tombe, ce qu'il fait si on ne bloque pas l'accès pour l'empêcher. Monter maintenant c'est hors de question. On doit le porter, doucement, pour qu'il fasse ses besoins dehors. Mais Cayden refuse de descendre les escaliers sans que Max soit là aussi. On descend donc tous ensemble.
Puis Max doit manger d'abord. Cayden attend avant de manger. C'est une attente assez longue car Max n'a plus assez de dents pour manger comme avant.

C'est une émouvante histoire de vie, de fidélité, et d'amour. Et c'est aussi une leçon pour nous.
Les chiens vivent trop longtemps et pas assez longtemps. Trop longtemps car ils deviennent partie intégrante de nos vies de famille. Pas assez longtemps car ils nous manquent durement après la fin de leur modeste trajet.

Le début de son trajet Max l'a passé avec sa maîtresse. Elle l'amenait avec lui à son travail car elle ne pouvait pas le laisser tout seul à la maison aussi longtemps. Il avait donc l'habitude d'être patient et discret. Lors de ses déplacements Il l'attendait souvent dans la voiture, dans les parkings, sachant qu'elle va revenir. La voiture d'ailleurs était pour lui alors comme un deuxième chez lui.

Dans la fleur de l'âge Max pouvait faire tant de choses. 'Bi-langue' il pouvait faire des 'roll-overs' et des 'turn arounds' sur ses pattes arrières. Je lui ai même appris à fermer la porte lorsqu'il revenait de ses promenades matinales libre, là où il avait plein de copains et de copines canin(e)s.
Lorsqu'il sautait si facilement sur le lit, on aurait dit qu'il volait, il planait. Il avait un équilibre étonnant, comme un chamois. Il n'avait peur de rien, aucunement pour les hauteurs. Il se mettait sur des precipices pointus donnant sur 800 mètres de vide, sans problèmes. Max était toujours le chef. Toujours.

C'est aussi pour cela qu'on ne peut que l'admirer encore pour son courage exemplaire. Nous ne sommes pas les seuls car c'est évident que Cayden et Gatsby l'admirent eux aussi. Ils l'aident chacun à leur manière.

Une petite histoire, une petite leçon d'amour et de loyauté. La vie en somme, mais un peu trop accélérée. Très belle, plus profonde que l'on imagine, et émouvante.
Plus tard il y aura sans doute une belle histoire à raconter à propos de Cayden.

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