The nose

The Man with the Prominent Nose
Is a poet who writes paltry prose.
Although he's not adverse
To writing blank verse,
      His flair depends on how it all goes.     

He is wont to wear silken hose,
 Fine linen shirts with bright paisley bows
But because of his snout
He rarely goes out
As he abhors ostentatious shows.

Yet something not everyone knows
 Is how bright his proboscis glows,
Therefore even at night
                                           He's supplied with light,                                           
  As slatey skies are blest with rainbows.

The Man with the Prominent Nose
 Has nevertheless several woes:
With hay-fever or flu
There's not much he can do
 To staunch his nostrels' muculent flows.

He must also beware of crows,
 And blackbirds are his classical foes,
But for him the worst hell
Is a very bad smell,
  And how such a strong stench can impose.

Inversely it also follows
As his olfactory powers dispose
That from five miles away
On a clear summer's day
  He can savour the scent of a rose. 
Doggerel and image © Mirino. May, 2012

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