Web loggers' and site evaluators' lunacy

In Web loggers' lunacy, I made a few allusions to the noble, modest, thankless and vain efforts one makes trying to contribute to make the world a better place to live in...
In this Web loggers lunacy, (The Return) we shall deal with a case of rife incoherence regarding specialists who are supposed to be qualified in making public assessments and classements of web domains.

I came across this curiously paradoxical analysis today. 
Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk value Viewfinder at  $22,00 and affirm that it's hosted in the Netherlands..
In the first place I would say that they have overvalued Viewfinder by at least $11, which considering the present, world, economic instability, is also bound to fluctuate.

Do Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk., evaluate sites by their content, or by how much money they somehow estimate the sites earn by the odd advertising widget web-loggers must never dare click on? Do they sometimes take time out to read the articles, those only in English of course, or do they just have a quick squint at a few pictures they might come across in their expert, random perusals? In the latter case, assuming they don't do a lot of reading, even in English, do they have any sense of discernment and appreciation, if not any sense at all?.

Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk., is way off clink regarding their geography in any case. Viewfinder is certainly not hosted in Holland.
Their daily page view estimate of Viewfinder is '0'. This too is a bit off the mark, though perhaps not by a monumental amount..

Maybe Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk., should take time out to study a bit more and update their data. Alternatively, and preferably, they should take this worthless analysis off the web completely.

Yet when I type another domain on Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk, the URL for- A Venture.., for example, there's a staggering difference.
Unlike Viewfinder, A Venture.., one of several sites created with Flash, and well before DSL was ever generally accessible, (which explains the modest size) doesn't advertise for any external company at all, yet Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk., value it at a staggering figure of $8,900,378,08 and list its daily profits at $24,139,59!

As I am in personal contact with the owner and creator of this particular site, (which isn't hosted in Holland either, by the way) I can absolutely affirm that he doesn't earn $ 24,139,59 a day in profits from any advertising. If however, someone is making such a fortune from A Venture.., would they please get in touch with me as soon as possible to explain the situation. If it's an embezzlement rip-off, and assuming justice will be done (as is usually the case in today's wonderful world) I could then arrange that Mr. Weevers receives the money that according to Checkwebsiteworth.co.uk., he would seem to be fully entitled to.
Thanks to all concerned in advance for your precious co-operation regarding this.

Incidentally, should Checkwebsiteworth ever feel they should not only improve on their data base, expertise standards, but also on their name, I'm certain that I (and anyone else for that matter) could come up with something more imaginative. Maybe even chic enough to inspire confidence..

Text and image (Peter Rabbit) © Mirino. August, 2011

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Peter Rabbit said...

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas encore tout à fait pigé, le créateur de Viewfinder et de A Venture... etc., est la même personne..