Pentagonal politics

To get a more balanced idea of world news, it's always interesting to compare information by reading journals from various nations. Nowadays they are all easily accessible on the Web and many of them are also in English.
It's interesting if not amusing, for example, to read the 'Tehran Times', and enlightening and sometimes reassuring to read the French articles from the Lebanese 'L'Orient Le Jour'.

Recently I came across this article in the 'Kabul Press'. I refer mostly to this particular Afghan news item because it's obviously an important one that surely deserves attention and diffusion.

The Viewfinder posts on Massoud underline what certainly could be regarded as fatal mistakes made by Europe and America regarding Afghanistan. But it seems that the West is slow in correcting the tendency. Articles such as 'Obama mission..' in 'The Times of India' also point out what they consider to be incoherent Afghan politics, or impolitics, continually practised by the Pentagon and the United States government. The article in the Kabul Press is also particularly revealing in this respect.

After all that has happened in Afghanistan, (and the USA) and in view of all the information available (as well as leaked) since the end of the Afghan-Soviet war, one is bound to pose the obvious question. How much longer is it going to take before the West and Nato start seriously querying the wisdom of pouring millions of dollars and modern, military equipment into Pakistan in order to defend Afghanistan against the Talban movement originally conceived in Pakistan, if not still fostered there?

Should there be some subtle motive that one is unaware of, for what seems to be over casual, blind-faith and generosity, perhaps someone more informed would be able and willing to disclose it.

By Mirino. Image from Reuters, with thanks. November, 2010

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