Shouldn't one try to treat it all with a touch of humour? Or maybe it would be more positive to continue try to write poetry, parodies, tales, thoughts on English history, literature and art. Wouldn't this be much more interesting? Wouldn't be an effective way to combat the lunacy and evil that the world now seems subjected to ?
Although one could reason so, the horror that continues constantly, this unhinged pantomime of death, cruelty, and destruction, is too preoccupying to be casually cast from one's mind. To make things worse, those who pretend to represent us try to play everything down with cynical hypocrisy.

As a mild example in France, one of Macron's first errors of judgement, was to compensate Bayrou for his pre-election support. We now see that the old man has at last managed to become the minister of Justice. As such his first responsibility is to draw up a law on moralisation (la moralisation de la vie publique)...
Such a law would have to be extremely shallow and insular. But shallow moralisation has always been Bayrou's speciality, and obviously one must give him something to do. Given that Macron's victory could be likened to the return of the Messiah, Bayrou could have simply opted for the Ten Commandments, but that would have been extremely politically incorrect.

(Ce serait plus approprié de traiter de ce sujet du gouvernement Macron en français. Le nom de la loi Bayrou en fait a été changé. Depuis on l'appelle la loi de la confiance...
Un aspect de cette nouvelle loi est que si jamais un ministre est mis en examen, il doit démissionner immédiatement.
Il y a deux ministres du gouvernement Macron qui pourraient être mis en examin (Ferrand, le ministre de la Cohésion des territoires, et même Bayrou, le ministre de la Justice). Le premier a fait bien pire que Fillon, le gagnant des primaires des Républicains. Bayrou n'a pas fait mieux.
Bien que Fillon n'ait jamais été jugé coupable pour quoi que ce soit, il a été politiquement massacré autant par le système judiciaire que par les media, la gauche, et même par certains Républicains. Comme le système judiciaire est quasi monopolisé par la gauche, c'est certain que le nouveau ministre de la Justice ne sera jamais mis en examen. Si Ferrand le sera ce serait uniquement pour la forme et l'exemple après la publication de la loi. C'est déjà une bonne raison pour laquelle le nom de cette loi a été changé, car si on fait semblant que la confiance règne, manifestement en France il y a toujours un gros problème moral. C'est intéressant d'ailleurs que Macron semble être bien plus préoccupé par les formes, les considérations relativement superficielles, que par ce qu'il a l'intention de faire. C'est aussi révélateur que trop de français lui accorde une confiance quasi aveugle sans avoir une idée précise de ce qu'il propose comme programme).

So whilst hundreds of Christians are being beheaded, systematically murdered in the most atrocious ways in the Middle East, Bayrou has been very busy shouldering the burden of establishing a law on French moralisation and confidence.
We might also bare in mind that in principle all the ministers of Macron's government would be for the continuation of mass immigration, naturally excluding Christians and Copts, etc. In other words they would be anti-Trump, anti-Putin, pro-Merkel globalists, either convinced or bought-out.

I already posted what follows on FB. But maybe it would also be appropriate here:

Nationality isn't just a flag, It's identity, culture, patrimony and history. And even a flag essentially and ultimately symbolises and reflects this history. Each nation, and each town, village, castle, home and garden has its own history, forged by circumstances, including war, patriotism, successive families, love and life. Each nation has its own beauty, climate, attributes, specialities, art, architecture, customs, traditions. Each nation has its own people of an essential, particular character. This diversity and patriotism naturally determine the beauty of the world.

To dismiss or depreciate it, is to renounce it, or even negate it. By extension it obviously becomes a renunciation of one's own identity.
It's not patriotism that determines war, its ideology. The present ideology of globalism, for example, is a dangerous ideology, because essentially it's imposed. All ideologies are. Islam is radically an ideology of domination. It too is dangerous. To therefore exploit Islam and war to try to impose globalisation is doubly pernicious.

The present trend of dismissing nationality, pretending that it's dated, is incoherent and unrealistic. There is nothing wrong in considering oneself as being European, for example, but the wealth of Europe is the diversity of the nations that it constitutes. Without this wealth of diversity, 'Europe' would be empty and meaningless.
A federation of European nations can only come about by natural evolution and democratic choice. It can never be imposed ideologically.

The Ukrainian affair is a good example of dangerous imposition, when an elected government aspiring to improve ties with its closest neighbour, is brought down to be replaced with a bought out, pro-European, puppet government. European expansion cannot be gained in such a way without creating negative consequences. Had Putin lacked restraint and intelligence, this fiasco could have triggered off a full scale war.

Needless to add, as well as extremely dangerous, the ideology of globalism is also very naive. The negative consequences in Europe that have systematically been played down by the media and bought-out heads of State, are appalling. Each year the tragic deaths by drowning in the Mediterranean of thousands of would be migrants is a consequence for which the globalist fanatics should be ashamed of themselves. Yet they never seem inclined to assume the slightest responsibility for having incited such endless tragedy. On the contrary, it's shamefully exploited, and the image of the little drowned boy found on a Libyan beech is a tragic example.

The North African migrants who manage to get to Libya are fleeced of whatever money they still have by traffickers before being given unseaworthy means to get across the Mediterranean to Italy. However, what is less known is that hundreds die in trying to cross the Sahara.
The easy come, easy go, no-border imbeciles, Merkel included, used the noble pretext of offering asylum to war-torn refugees. Within weeks it became apparent that Europe was welcoming migrants from all over the world. The only condition was that they be Muslims, and mostly young males. For some curious reason, Christians, Copts and Kurds, etc., those most persecuted in the Middle East, are less welcome. This also seems to contradict the claimed 'multicultural' objective.
The initial pretence of offering asylum to refugees was then changed to integrating migrants for the purpose of obtaining cheaper manual labour, and assuring future European populations...
The former could be regarded as reintroducing a politically correct form of slavery. The latter shows a total lack of confidence in the laws of nature, and considerable disrespect regarding the aspirations and intelligence of Europeans. One might also point out that if less than the many millions of euros spent on immigration, were used to help and encourage Europeans to establish their own families, there would be no pretended problem regarding future European populations.

More important, it seems apparent that the European establishment have absolutely no idea regarding the essential Muslim ideology that forbids Muslims to be subject to democracy and thus to integrate in democratic societies. Only Muslims who have virtually renounced the decrees of the Quran can adopt European values.
Those who cannot are therefore duty bound by the Quran to impose their values, ideology and laws on Europeans, a practice which we are also seeing. If this globalist inanity is allowed to continue, and consequently Muslims become the European majority, eventually Europe will no longer be a multicultural continent, it will be monocultural, and this only if 7th century dogma can be regarded as a culture. 

Text and image © Mirino. (The photograph, slightly reworked, was taken years ago in Cumberland, UK. For me it evokes the constant serenity of nature, underlining the vanity, cupidity and pettiness of those amongst us who like to imagine they have divine powers regarding the laws of nature). 
June, 2017

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