Living in a sort of Hobbit-shire paradise where there are many fruit trees, one notices that one year is good for figs, and another is good for cherries, or apples, for example.
This year, in this particular Italian location, it's a very good season for cherries, but less good for figs. But then if you grow vegetables, you're become automatically aware of such natural things. You're aware of the cycles of fruit trees. Every life form is subject to its own cycle. The incredible mechanism of the universe is obviously subject to its own cycles. Naturally this includes climatic cycles.

However, the global warming brigade are convinced that climate change is man-made. They are therefore determined to do what they persuade themselves is necessary to save the world. They will tax carbon and find more ways to reduce 'greenhouse gas emissions'. To succeed, (but how does one measure success in such a cloudy case?) massive investments between $3.3 trillion and $7.3 trillion will be made in new energy generating means and in accelerating the transition to electrically powered vehicles thus doing away with the commercial use of fossil fuels.
Experts have suggested that increasing nuclear power would be a far less expensive way to help meet the Parisian objectives.
This information was published in the Economist of August 31st, 2016.

What has been achieved in this respect since last year? What has been accomplished since the agreements that were established earlier in December, 2015, also adopted by many nations? What has changed? There doesn't seem to be a clear answer to this. It appears vague like hills shrouded in mist. In consideration of the costs, absolutely nothing should be vague. Everything should be crystal clear as a cloudless, windswept sky, or a pristine lake.
The climate would have changed. It has a habit of changing, according to its own laws and cycles. Our habits however, have certainly not changed.

The age of the planet Earth is estimated to be 4.543 billion years. Man has been registering annual climate temperatures in limited areas since 1836. That means records have been archived and assessments have been made regarding climate evolution, at least regarding these zones, over a span of only 181 years. A split second in relation to the age of our planet.
During its climatic history the planet Earth has gone through at least two ice ages as well as periods of extreme heat when far more CO2 was produced as a result, than is the case today. Life nevertheless obviously survived these extreme, climatic conditions.
In view of this, is it not pretentious nonsense to believe that man is responsible for climate change? It is not even more pretentious to believe he can solve such problems as if he were endowed with divine powers in addition to an annual, ungodly sum of money? 'Global warming' however, is not only extremely lucrative, it's a very useful political and social pretext, but it not only seems to be false, it also seems to be riddled with hypocrisy.

Assuming then that man-made climate change is a fallacy, pollution is certainly very real. Yet one tends to hide behind the argument of 'man made global warming' (or 'man-made global cooling', as the case may be) as a sort of excuse to avoid rushing into doing anything effective to counter atmospheric pollution.
It's business as usual with the oil rich Arabian monarchs and OPEC. If performant, electronically powered vehicles can now be manufactured, heads of State seem to be very slow, if not reluctant, in encouraging motorists to purchase them by doing the necessary to make this economically possible and practical. Our heads of State seem in no hurry to bring about any real transition of mobile energy, one reason being the enormous amount of tax they glean from the continual use of petrol. Yet each year according to the 'Paris Climate' agreements, trillions will continue be spent, on what? Isn't this arnaque, as the French would say?

If one dares to express a personal opinion on this heated subject, the global warming acolytes (who are most likely rabid globalists as well, inspite of the constantly recurring, tragic consequences) aways try to demean one's argument by pointing out that only a climatologue's opinion counts. For them it's by no means a question of common sense and personal observation. Yet there are thousands of climatologues who firmly disagree that climate change is man-made.

In any case perhaps climatology could be likened to economics. No economist has ever been able to accurately anticipate a financial depression or a crash, and no climatologue has ever been able to accurately anticipate a climatic abnormality or a natural catastrophe. Because of this such natural phenomena will continue to be inevitable. Nature has a powerful way of demonstrating that she always has the last word. Earth-quakes, floods, volcanic eruptions (which cause enormous emissions of CO2) are obvious examples, but determining life's end is the most common example. Unlike turgid ideologues who take themselves for divinities, we are mere mortals fortunate enough to be endowed with the loan of life for the relatively brief period that nature, which obviously, and often tragically, has to include human nature, allocates to us.

In conclusion, and to return to this particular region, last October, after two weeks of torrential rain, there was a serious landslide. A great deal of damage was caused. A man in the village immediately below lost everything, his house, and almost his life. Again, no one anticipated this natural catastrophe. It's doubtful that any organisation will help the man replace his little house. One is also reminded of other natural catastrophes such as the Haitian earthquake of 2010. Unlike Trump, his predecessor Obama, and H. Clinton will ostentatiously show their politically correct support for the Paris 'climate' agreements, but the Clinton Foundation's ripping off Haiti of more than two billion dollars of donated relief funds, would additionally underline l'arnaque internationale. What seems to be a fraudulent, hypocritical, paradoxical, Parisian pantomime.

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