Sunlight and a relatively clear sky greet us this morning after what seems to be an endless period of storms, low cloud and humidity. It's ironic because this is the first year we try our hand at planting tomatoes, (pomodori- cuore di bue, zucchini, melanzane, ecc.) but we are still hopeful.
Compared to the victims obliged to wade through water in the lower lands of Europe, we have no right to complain.

The ideological establishment would blame it all on global warming. It's a useful political and economical pretext. Those that like to believe that history started with them, are vain enough to convince themselves that man is also responsible for weather abnormalities. They therefore pretend that man has the responsibility and capacity to remedy it all. This is where it becomes useful, by instilling fear and guilt complexes in the hearts and minds of the gullible, and making costly commitments and inventing new taxes as pretexts to oppose the unopposable. Such irrationality reminds one of King Canute being submerged in seawater despite his royal command to subjugate the tide.

The most learned historians are aware of their lack of knowledge. Similarly the most learned scientists become aware of the limitations of science, when the incredible point of learning, as in cosmic exploration, eventually reaches the inexplicable, unfathomable and undefinable. The gradual realisation that there has to be something else.

Without respect for the past, which naturally must include the history of the Earth prior to mankind, and without humility regarding the miracle of life and the universe, can one really pretend anything? Doesn't one become a self-incarcerated victim of one's own dogma? The ideologue who having established the ideology, ceases to think?

Today our world is suffering, not from climate change, 'global warming', or natural catastrophes. It is suffering from the malady of political correctness, the convenient posture of indifference conveyed by the three monkeys.
An 'extreme' example of political correctness would be to consider (but only when obliged to) the beheadings of Christians by jihadists, or the forcing of nine year old girls into marriage, or pedophilia, etc., as being part of quaint Islamic culture, customs and traditions. Another more factual example seems to be the ambiguous stance of UNO regarding certain terrorist organisations, as though there were politically correct exceptions to the rule, and as if this illustrious institution considered it (but only when obliged to) perfectly normal for a democratic State to tolerate a terrorist organisation as a neighbour, even when this neighbour's objective (established in its charter) is to eliminate that State.

Our world is also afflicted by the turmoil, the tragic exodus and the horrendous consequences of conflicts between political, social and so-called religious ideologies. What they all seem to have in common is that they are false, power pursuing pretexts.
However, there should be some comfort in the thought that all ideologies, (especially those that rabidly foster hate, division, and pretend to be religious) are transient. They are similar to regenerated flu germs. As such they are ephemeral. It can't be otherwise because they are auto-destructive. They feverishly consume themselves.

Text and images © Mirino. June, 2016

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