If religions are essentially tolerant, in as much as they all reverently regard the miracle of life, the fabulous diversity of nature and the universe with wonder, humility, love and respect, then can the so called religion of Islam be a religion? Should it not be defined more as an ideology, an autocratic doctrine, that refuses to tolerate other faiths, creeds, cultures and ways of life? Is Islam not essentially a tyrannical system that blasphemously uses the name of God to instill fear and impose itself with the objective of eventually gaining world power?

If this is so, then the theory of when an ideology is established, the ideologue ceases to think, would certainly seem to be the case regarding Islamic dogma which, because of its allegedly sacred roots, cannot possibly be modified or rendered compatible with democratic laws and values.

If Islamic laws allow the followers of Islam the right to kill, rape, enslave and plunder those they consider as being "infidel," regardless of the fact that many who are so treated, believe in the same One Almighty God, then Islam is inciting criminality instead of virtue.

If Christians, Jews and all others who believe in the One Almighty Creator, are considered as being "infidel" by Islamists, how can this be so if they believe in the same God? A plausible answer to such a question, would be that those considered as being "infidel" by the Islamists, have less confidence in a mortal prophet who claimed to be God's unique and chosen spokesman, than in the Almighty Creator himself. Is it not highly reasonable to accord more importance to Almighty God, than to a self-proclaimed or even divinely chosen Prophet?

Or, according to Islamists, is God less important than their Prophet? If they think so, then they would be granting him the same level of importance as that assumed by Lucifer, whose vanity and ambition caused him and his acolytes to rebel against God before being defeated and cast from Heaven for eternity.

All constructive opinions would be welcome, especially from those who are able to convincingly counter such thoughts in a peaceful and tolerant way.

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Mirino said...

It would seem that Viewfinder is either not read widely enough, or there are no Muslims interested, willing or capable in trying to defend their alleged faith against such simple, modest arguments.
This is worth noting as curious because actually the world is quite taken by the subject so to speak. The dogma of Islam is being imposed one way or the other, and more often than not far too brutally, wherever it can be.
This is not the first time I have invited what I would welcome as enlightening and peaceful exchanges on this particular subject.
God knows I might have been converted, if not conditioned by a solid argument, to join the ranks of those persuaded that Islam is the only possible, righteous path leading to paradise. However, I am one of those who firmly believe that life is a precious gift, or rather a loan, and that paradise is not only what one might be capable of imagining. It is also what one should be capable of appreciating by contemplating the beauty of the world and the miracle of life in all its diverse forms. We are already blest with a paradise that we should cherish, embellish and protect for our children during our brief life time. Whatever one otherwise wishes to believe, this would be a far better alternative in any case, than to rabidly persist in trying to turn earthly paradise into unearthly hell.