The Irish gander


                   There was an Irish gander,        
                                 A gardener by trade                                                        
                            Who tried to sell potatoes
                             But seldom was he paid

                                  A Jacobite potato                                            
                            Might have a goodly taste
                          But most of O'Grady's grew
                            To sprout an' rotten waste
                        He used to call them 'apples'
                         From aardappels in Dutch°,                                                       
                      He'd honk outside St. Patrick's                                                 
                         But ne'er earnt very much 
                     Yet Gods o' geese grant rewards                    
                           As Irish luck then proved
                   When O'Grady grew King Edwards,                
                              Life regally improved.

                             The moral of the poem, 
                               Or secret of the trade
                        Is you beat them or join them,                            
                          For sure fortune to be made.  

°An illusion to Dutch influence from the participation of Dutch forces (Blue Guards) under Protestant William of Orange who fought alongside English, Danish and even French 'Williamites' against the inferior Irish (and French) Jacobite army of Catholics (the infantry, mostly raw recruits poorly armed with scythes or obsolete muskets) in the notorious Battle of the Boyne (July, 1690).
Poem and vignette © Mirino from Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. The Irish Goose (Pat) 'Digging for Apples, yer honour!'                    April, 2014

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