Rock-a-bye baby


Rock-a-bye baby
On the tree-top,
When the sun shines
                          The baby gets hot.                          
When the rain falls
The baby gets wet,
But no one can hear
When baby doth fret.

Rock-a-bye baby
On the tree top
In a snow storm
That seems ne'er to stop.
Icy winds blow
So baby will freeze,
But no one can hear
                                  When baby doth sneeze.                                   

Rock-a-bye baby
On the tree top,
Woodman has come
                     The tree down to chop.                     
When the tree falls
The baby's found dead,
So there's little else
That's left to be said.

Whoe'er put the baby 
                                          Up in the tree                                            
                                             Must have a brain                                              
The size of a pea.
                                          Yet it is true                                            
                                     Had this ne'er been done,                                    
This sweet lullaby
Would ne'er have been sung.


The original nursery rhyme (c. 1765) is most known in the following form, although there are other variations and divers theories regarding its origin.

 'Rock-a-bye baby
On the tree-top
When the wind blows
The cradle will rock,
When the bough breaks
The cradle will fall,
And down will come baby,
Cradle and all.'
Parody and drawing © Mirino. April, 2014      

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