Ode to Mountebanks

As it wouldn't be appropriate to try to parody any work of William Collins, (the following post) I have simply used the same metre and the first word of  Ode Written in the Beginning of the Year 1746. In the case of my own modest effort, (which shouldn't need to be translated into French) the same title could be used. All that needs changing of course is the year. Thus Ode Written in the Beginning of the Year 2014. It could otherwise be called Ode to Mountebanks (not to Louis XIV).

                   How feigns he who is bound to rule      
                                Inanely as would reign a mule                  
                              And just as stubborn in his way                            
                                Like drizzle on a dismal day?                              
                             Impostors have no further need                            
                             To be praised for a noble deed,                            
                                The title is all they require.                                       
                             Let heroes do what they desire!                              

                               For what, in faith, is history                    
                         But crumbling tomes of vain glory?                                         
                             He is crowned. It is recorded,
                            No further feat need be lauded.              
                         (He must however tread with care
                        Lest he might lay himself more bare,
                         For worthless is a tarnished crown  
                          Worn by a fraud, a fool, a clown).

Ode and image modifications © Mirino. With apologies to all concerned, including posthumous apologies to artist Hyacinthe Rigaud and Louis XIV (1638-1715).     March, 2014

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