The Christmas Fox

Sneaking in the farm-yards
Tramping in the snow,
The sly fox O'Farly
Knows just where to go

For festive occasions
In cunning disguise
The best of the season
Are bagged by surprise.

Joyous celebrations
Fare to take away,
Yule-tide comforts
To share on Christmas day


Se faufilant dans les basse-cours
Glissant à travers la neige,
Le renard O'Farly
Connaît tous les pièges.

Pour les fêtes à l'occasion
En tenu convenable
Les meilleures de la saison
Sont toujours saisissables.

Célébrations joyeuses,
Chère à emporter,
Un régal de Noël
Parfois même à partager.


Merry Christmas to everyone who reads this, as well as to everyone who doesn't. For the New Year, let's be philosophical. It can wait until it's cue. Man, after all, devised chronology, essential to the discipline of history. And many of us like to think that it's not the years that matter in any case.

O'Farly, the Christmas fox, could be the last of the 'animal series'. They also belong to their own time, but it would be nice to believe, also in their case, that it's not years that matter. 

 Doggerel and image © Mirino (PW). December, 2013

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