Dream gift

 Here's a dream,
A rainbow,
A sunbeam
 Of golden light

To be seen
 Upon your screen
And bring you
Its delight

Wealth bestowed
 And nothing owed,
 No mean fraud
 Or false measure

Just a dream,
A rare moment,
A precious gleam,
A treasure.


If dreams could be bought,
What would you buy?
Would you fill your cart with care?
Would you wisely choose
Or rashly lose
By buying a nightmare?

If dreams could be bought
What would you buy?
A cure to heal all woes?
Would you heed your heart
Or fill your cart
With anything that goes?

If dreams could be bought,
What would you buy
 If there were countless dreams to sell?
For a modest price
There's Paradise.
For the highest price there's hell.


Doggerel, photograph and illustration © Mirino (PW). With thanks to Thomas Lovell Beddoes. November, 2013

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