Jack Flash

Jack be nimble
Jack be quick
 Jack jump over
  The candle-stick..

But Jack let off
A mighty poof-
                  The blast sent Jack                 
   Right through the roof.


The less lewd version consists of the first verse only. It supposedly originates from the end of the eighteenth century. There is also a 'Mother-Goose' version including other alleged origins.
Parody and image © Mirino. April, 2013 

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Mirino said...

Or alternatively, the last two lines could read:

The blast shot Jack
Straight through the roof.

I'm not sure. Perhaps one should organise an international referendum on the subject.
Such a question has far more importance than the white-wash referendum that the French gov. is now considering, which is basically 'should the honourable members of the government be good or evil?'