Pearls of dew                         
                             On the lawn                             
                          Discreet robin                         
                            In the shade                            
Scented air
Of the dawn
                           Amber roses                           
                  Perfumes pervade                
                          Lucent grass                           
Nursed with care
                          In full bloom                           
                          Pink display                           
                       So rich and fair                        
Blue Aubretia
               Lights dusk gloom              
                   Rose bed walls                   
                       Built with love                       
Peaches fall
                                          From mystic tree                                         
                          On the roof                           
                        A turtle dove                        
                             Cooing soft                              
Mourn melody

                                 Like old friends                                
                                     Apple trees                                      
 They grow up 
 With the children
A universe
The child sees
Is no more
 Than a garden
All things pass
Old friends go
 Yet one recalls
                              And offers this                             
Of Paradise
And bliss
Text and image © Mirino. January, 2013

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