My Betty


My Betty hath the yellow moon
To cast soft light upon her;
And Betty hath the twinkling stars
Up high on which to ponder.
My Betty hath a little pig
 That squeals when she treads on it;
And Betty hath a gallant toad
That leaps when she doth flog it.
For Betty is a heartless wench-
Alas, that this be so-
As distant as a cold desert
She causes constant woe.
Sweet moon, when you spy on her,
Do tell me what you see.
Piglet, when she tramples on you,
I wish that it were me.
Gallant toad, when she doth whip you,
Do tell me what you feel;
For crushed and flogged by Betty,
Might well my true love heal.
With apologies to Thomas Lodge (c.1558-1625)
My Phillis  (Pg 28, XV)
Parody and composite image © Mirino. With thanks for the toad and the piglet. August, 2012

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