Those who cling to dated power 
Would their only child devour.
Power becomes a senseless void,
When the future is thus destroyed
Then like the finest grains of sand,
Power sifts through the despot's hand
Leaving scars of a shameful past,
The only relics that might last.
 Power devoid of probity
  Is tyrannic iniquity. 

 Immortal power that is true
 Is pure celestial virtue.

After a long show of undeserved applause, Bashar al-Assad, during his last televised speech, made more an open accusation against foreign influence (Israel) for inciting the Syrian uprisings, than any concrete allusion to the reforms the Syrians have been protesting for. He referred two or three times to the Syrian people as- 'the children'.

Rhyme © Mirino. Image- 'Chronos devouring his child' by Goya 1820-1823 
(modified by Mirino with apologies to Goya). April, 2011

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Mirino said...

L'ONU a voté une mission d'enquête en Syrie (avril, 2011). Mais depuis on n'en parle plus..