A glorious example

The horror of the Haitian earthquake and its aftermath are covered in terrible detail, telling the story so far through images published by world press such as the Boston Globe, the BBC, the Washington Post.

One of the most unforgettable images is that of seven year old Kiki who, after being trapped for seven days and finally pulled out from the rubble, is seen smiling with his arms outstretched, as if there were never any doubt in his mind that his day of rescue and 'resurrection' would come.
When asked how he managed to survive without food and water, he simply replied, "God helped me".

This image has since become an icon symbolising Haiti courage and confidence. Indeed it's a wonderful example of faith and optimism last alluded to. Despite all the horrors of such an inconceivable reality, despite whatever resulting human weakness and shame, the fabulous image of this little boy seems to put everything into a proper and sane perspective. It dwarfs the pettiness, selfishness and the futility of so many other human (and inhuman) pursuits, frustrations and ambitions. It reduces to nothing the futureless hate and prejudice of fanatical causes. It reveals only the best of human nature by showing not only how a little boy is capable of surviving the most terrible cataclysm, but above all, by showing how he can achieve this so gloriously.
Text © Mirino (PW)  Image © Polaris/eyevine (with thanks). January, 2010


Susan said...

This picture is amazing! I'm Pepes, I read the last comment you wrote in my blog but I haven't understand one thing: you write in a wonderful english and in a pretty good italian so I was wondering if you were english or american or what! Anyway, I really like your blog and now I'll take a look around :D

Mirino said...

Hi Susan,

I'm Anglo-Scottish. Thank you for your kind comments! I'm still working on the Italian. Hopefully it is improving..

Thanks again.