What has become painfully apparent, is that the elite accord no importance whatsoever to the people, whether they are migrants or nationals. They hold the people in disdain. They go through the motions of pretending democracy is the essential requirement of society, at least in the interim period before European federalism will somehow be forced through, (the first step towards their NWO pet project) but only because it’s still an obligation. They also clearly show they have no respect for democracy.

This is now illustrated by the political pantomime in Italy. Any botched up, impractical compromise is cynically considered by the elite to be far more essential than ever agreeing to allow Italians the democratic right to elect the government of their choice, God forbid.

The elite are like countless tentacles that worm their way, complicity embracing each other, all over the globe. They stem from an enormous intricate body of international banking institutions, sectarian or masonic associations, and digital social media platforms. What they have in common is great wealth, and what seems to be a new fangled Marxist ideology. The former is a necessary attribute without which they could never qualify as ‘elite’. The latter is the likely basis of a theoretical objective which they share and which they have committed themselves by every means possible to actuate. This goal has nothing to do with nations with which the elite no longer identify. They consider nations, nationalism, and sovereignty as direct threats to their project, so the words themselves are underlined in red in the politically incorrect list.

Rare are the televised news media that refuse to support the agenda. As for online journals, reporting the truth might depend on the amount of public subscriptions, as advertising seems to pay less these days. It’s likely that any online journals that have, or had, an international reputation, and appear to be able to promote themselves with extravagant graphics, often animated, is because they covertly support the agenda. Their articles are often ridiculously revealing in this respect.

Those who consciously allow themselves to be used by the elite in order to contribute in realising the program, are generously rewarded one way or the other. They are also protected. Despite any ecclesiastical counter pressure on Bergoglio, for example, he would be protected, simply because the establishment (the elite) chose him as head of the Vatican in the first place.

Greta is being given iconic importance because the global warming scam, obviously part of the program, is not only paramount as a very effective money spinner, it's also a useful means of governing by fear and guilt complex. Greta thus gets royal tribute from yacht owners, private jet owners, celebrities, the Pope (of course), the EU, the UN, Macron, Merkel, Juncker, etc., etc.

The main, serious obstructions to the project are the Visegràd Group, Russia, China, the USA under Trump, and Japan, Israel, Syria and Iran, etc. China and Russia being the most important. Megalomaniacs like Macron delude themselves in believing they have scored victories against the people (the gilet jaunes have made too many sacrifices to be so subdued, and the claimed accidental cause of the Notre Dame de Paris fire takes not only the French, but the entire world’s population as imbeciles). Macron would be amongst those who believe they have the divine power to solve irresolvable problems.

It’s ironic that at a time when Russia has lovingly revived its cultural and religious identity, the west, especially west continental Europe, is actively engrossed in sacrificing it. And that whilst western elitists try to goad the people into believing that the Russian Federation is more dangerous than even the Soviet Union was, they are embracing Marxism even through gradual Islamisation.

China is a massive, high-tech, pristine, robotic bulldozer that will crush or clear away any opposition to its interests. It has however invested in the whole world, and the whole world is its client. There would logically be a limit to how far it could go and remain solvent. How the situation develops in Hong-Kong will also be a clear indication of this.

However, it’s not unlikely that China regards what is being promoted by the elite, and allowed to happen in Europe, as a direct threat to its interests. This might include the threat to its monopoly of cheap labour. Obviously Russia is also very concerned by the Western European, ideological inanities. Trump must tread very carefully as this incredibly sinister scenario unfolds and is enacted.
What is absolutely certain, is that no sane nation will accept the imposition of an insane project, without ferociously defending its interests.

Text, top image © Mirino (lower image with thanks for its use) September, 2019 

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