When I took these pictures last month, naturally I felt the elation I always feel at such times. Beauty always reassures. Yet I didn't then feel any inclination to try to write something for Viewfinder to accompany a selection.

However, reassurance comes just as naturally as when one sometimes has the good fortune of seeing such splendid sights.

Regardless of self-professed Gods who believe they have divine rights to impose myopic visions and global experiments. Regardless of anyone who casually decrees the deprivation of rights to unborn human life. Regardless of those who kill, torture and rape, claiming they have the approval of God to do so.

Regardless of all this madness; what one has faith in, which naturally englobes the beauty of our surroundings, and above all the miracle of life itself, finally prevails, and always reassures.

For many people this is now far less apparent. Perhaps to them everything seems worse than ever. The results of the American Presidential elections were obviously not as they were programmed to be. There is a feeling of hopeless disorientation. The established system, the inane, elistist projects have been rejected.

Yet didn't they deserve to be? No one can abuse others indefinitely, or impose on the natural order of things with impunity.
The world is still turning beautifully, and there is always a reason for everything.

 Text and images © Mirino. 9th November, 2016

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