Little Miss Muffet

Little Miss Muffet
She sat on a tuffet
Eating of curds and whey

There came a great spider
Who sat down beside her
              Then formally bid her good-day.          

Little Miss Muffet
Rose up from the tuffet
And asked the spider to go

                 The spider replied                
 (In a form of aside)
 Of things Miss Muffet should know

'A King was inspired
 By the efforts untired
    Of a brainless ancestor °

A thread was spun,
Then a battle was won:
    Web of circumstantial law'. 

Little Miss Muffet
Grew hot in a huffet
                 Having no time for history                

With a fatal spoon gest
     She then flattened the pest.  
  Scoring irony's victory. 

° Whimsical allusion to the legend of Robert the Bruce
Parody and drawing © Mirino. April, 2015

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