Walking the dogs, and the cat

François Kersaudy is right to point out what is in any case evident in Le Point this morning.
'Le com', as they say in French, but is it really a mirage? Isn't carefully prepared, pampered and powdered communication via the media, with the full complicity of the latter, the only tangible way to survive politically today?
One rides the waves blissfully and serenely or one drowns beneath them cursedly and miserably according to the whims of the media. One can write an amusing article to point this out, yet again, but the truth of it, the idea that a fool can govern a country if such be the capricious wish programmed by the media and granted by their communication clout, is far more disturbing than amusing.

The thought vaguely runs through my mind as I walk the dogs, and the cat. Apart from this sad musing, the mind is relatively blank as we follow the endless dry stone walls around this picturesque village warmed by the February sun.

One hoped to contribute to correct the tendency by writing too many ephemeral comments, but that's the real illusion. Vain efforts that are nevertheless worth the hint of a smile.
Is it not better to walk the dogs, and the cat, to free the mind, appreciate the warm, February sunshine of Italy, and the amazing variety of stones?
The age of each modest pebble could make the lifetime of a mediocre politician appear to be a mere, dull and pathetic instant.

Text and Images © Mirino. February, 2015


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