A starlit night in Liguria, Italy. The night is so clear that the whole panoply of the universe seems sharply in focus. Suddenly a shooting star streaks across the sky. I have never seen one so big. What a privilege at this particular moment! An Italian meteoroid..
Then we tend to read mystical significances in such special sights. And we think again of time.

A time of change after accomplishing a project. A change that seems to have a wonderful rejuvenating effect! We are feverishly up in the early hours making improvements here and reparations there, giving the newly acquired house all our devoted attention, and already feeling quite at home in this picturesque little village. The generative energy of enthusiasm and inspiration, with warm feelings of new found freedom.

Christmas will be quite different this year, but then they are always different, especially when the children are growing up, and the families evolve. A brief return to France for Christmas before we speed back to continue to do what needs to be done here, with this incredible, new found energy.
We are happy to have been able to achieve this. A rare opportunity, and a new chapter in life's beautifully bound, limited edition.

A Merry Christmas to everyone. Special thanks to regular readers of Viewfinder for their patience!
The New Year promises to be 'newer', more challenging and exciting than ever, and may this be so for everyone.


Text and images © Mirino. December, 2014

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