Pedantic poem

Voici a pedantic poem
With grand words for those
Who know'em

Frustraneously aloof,
An onomatopoeic poof
 Discharged with disdain,
Turgid yet mundane

Avec des mots en français
Aussi creux qu'en anglais,
Qui ne veulent rien dire
   Comme les vides formules du 'Sire'

Or verbose vicissitudes
With Royal platitudes
Pro tanto bono publico,
O piuttosto per nessuno

                         Thrown in Latin e italiano                          
             Per il sapientone senza cervello            
 Or the author of this garbage
 Like mephitic rotten cabbage

Yet time grants realisation,
The ultimate revelation
  That the highest realm of wisdom
 Is the most vacuous kingdom.


Doggerel and image © Mirino. February, 2014

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