The lovesick ghost

A ghost, that eyed a lady fair
By her bed he stood quite bare
In moonlight waiting wan and thin,
Pale and wretched in the night
          Loathéd to cause her spectral fright        
 Intent upon her charms to win.
Soft and sweet was this comely maid,
So warm and yielding there she laid,
            Her open lips were made to kiss,          
Her curvéd thighs evoked pure bliss.

'Oh spirits let me live again
And feel love's pleasures and love's pain,
  Let warm blood rouse me from Death's State
                                   So I can then pervade her soul                                   
 And thereupon once more feel whole,

Let me enter Heaven's Gate'!

The maiden suddenly awoke,
    Then sought a meerschaum pipe to smoke,
  The flash of light made such a glow,
   It caused the forlorn ghost to go.


With apologies to Thomas Lovell Beddoes 1803-1849
The Phantom Wooer
 Parody and image © Mirino. September, 2013

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