A joyous springtime sonnet for fond lovers of life

It's not the years that matter
When you are young at heart,
Providing that the latter
Isn't falling apart

And time has no influence
If you pay it no heed,
As long as your mental sense
Is not running to seed

           You are as young as you feel            
                          If feelings still remain,                           
And women still appeal
Without causing too much pain

There are scenes that so delight
And wondrous views to share,
Assuming your eye-sight
Is not the worse for wear

 And there are sweet sounds to hear
                                         If you're fairly receptive,                                          
With still at least one ear
That isn't too defective

There are fine things to relish,
                 Good food and vintage wine,                 
If digestion isn't hellish
With the liver in decline
Then there's always tomorrow, 
                                         A new day of delight,                                         
Devoid of all sorrow,
Unless you die in the night.

Doggerel and image © Mirino. May, 2013

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