The Tawnycat's tragic tale

  Strigidae felis silvestris catus singularis ergo extinctus 

            The owl and the pussycat             
Shared a nuptial bed
 Some months before they were
Officially wed

The pussy gave birth
To a feathered kitten
          Whose catastrophic fate          
Is here sadly written

The beaked tawycat,
Born totally wingless,
Was prone to suffer
From strigifelis stress

 But blest with owl wisdom
And a cat's nine lives,
It had the time to ponder
And, 'improvise'

It was quite independent
In its, pine-tree,
 From where it would caterwaul
Like a banshee

But no other creature
Ever responded,
For no other dialect

The tawnycat therefore
Lived quite on its own
Without any friends,
As far as it's known

It would have loved
To raise a family,
                              And thereby initiate                                
                        An ancestral tree                           

             But being the only              
Life form of its kind,
It had to dismiss
 Such thoughts from its mind.

It took to astronomy
And gazed at the stars,
Surmising that tawnycats
Might live on Mars.

Thus inevitably
The tragic day came
When it finally perished,
Without leaving a name.

 So when one acclaims  
Equal marriage for all,
The fate of the tawnycat
One might recall.

Doggerel and illustration © Mirino (PW) February, 2013

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