To Fly

I still remember with great pleasure the film To Fly, that I had the opportunity of seeing at the Smithsonian Air and Space museum in Washington, quite a few years ago now. The film itself, the first of the museum's, was made in 1976. Thirty five years ago, and I'm sure it hasn't pris une ride since it was made. Apparently it's still the most popular of all the films now shown there.
It's moving in every sense. But America is renowned for being able to present and extol man's technical achievements and prowess in the best possible way, whereas Europe still seems to have complexes about praising the accomplishments of humanity. Something to do with history, no doubt.
After seeing the film one leaves with a warm feeling of elation, as if one has just landed, after a fabulous and unforgettable flight.

I was reminded of this film quite recently, on awaking, because I dreamt once more that I could fly. Or rather I could levitate myself at random. There was pleasant music (that miraculously I was actually able to hear) and this helped to trigger off an ability to rise in the air lying flat out but face upwards, and glide by leisurely shunting myself along with light, flipper motions of the hands, wherever I wished to go. In this dream I was also perfectly aware that I was defying gravity, and that in order to maintain this, I must continue to apply mind over matter with calm, serene control.

I had a similar dream several years ago. I may have referred to it already. It was so convincing that when I first awoke I was quite sure that I could fly, and was eager to try without delay. In that dream I glided face down, with arms outstretched, in 'superman' style. But I was limited to following the undulating soft grass and moss of vast meadows, thus near to ground level. Yet I knew that with applied concentration I could gain height quite easily. In the dream I was so enjoying gliding along quite fast, just brushing ground level, that I purposely postponed the idea of gaining height, deciding that I would save what I was sure would be an additional, delightful challenge for later on- so confident was I of the flying progress that I was bound to
be able to make.

Such dreams are supposed to come under the category of 'Lucid Dreams', meaning that one is dreaming and aware of dreaming at the same time. One feels free, exhilarated and sublimely content. These dreams can also signify that one is in command of a situation and thus able to rise above it, which seems logical enough.

Providing that there are no obstacles, and one has no sense of fear or vertigo, it would be reasonable to interpret such flying dreams in the most positive way, of generally being free, at peace with oneself, aspiringly elated, and having the impression of being in complete control of one's destiny. It all comes down to a perfect, blissful illusion, that lasts until the rude awakening. The crash-landing of harsh reality.
Text and images © Mirino (PW). Images from Herbert Binns and the Flying Tricycle, December, 2011

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