A Christmas message

To be there for the first heavy snow at 2000 metres seems a privilege. Early snow that brings the promise of a good season for all those who depend so much upon it.
Virgin snow yet to be furrowed with the criss-cross traces of skis and snow-boards. All in good time for the school holidays that bring the families and queues waiting for the ski-lifts.
Twelve degrees centigrade below zero, but exhilarating, crunching through the deep, new snow in the evening.

Another December, and another Christmas, each one different from the last. This especially when the parents are no longer there. From then on we go our own ways, making our own criss-cross traces, with our own families, and new memories to add to the album.

This is the third December for Viewfinder. Sometimes writing seems like murmuring to oneself in the dark, or better still, throwing personal thoughts and messages out to sea in bottles. One never knows who finds the bottle and is interested enough to pull out the cork to read the message. One has no idea of the reaction one's message might incite, whether it would be boredom or pleasure.

But when the bottle is found and opened, and the message is read, even if it's only by a relative few, according to the statistics it's read all over the world! And the knowledge of this is even more exhilarating than crunching through new snow at 2000 meters!

It also makes one smile, to imagine that even modest messages are getting through the culture barriers. To believe that whatever our differences, we share the messages in bottles. And this increasingly so, as time goes by and the world gets smaller, because of the miracle of our ever improving means of communication. Knowing that the sun sending its last rays to wish us 'good night', is sending its first rays elsewhere to wish so many others, 'good morning'.

Let this then be another little message in a special, celebration bottle..

Merry Christmas, peace and goodwill on earth for everyone.


Text and images © Mirino. December, 2010


rob said...

Dear Mirino, this is a delightful Christmas cameo... I loved it and I thank you for writing it. I hope you are having a great Christmas season with your loved ones, and wish you a happy end of year and the best for 2011!

Mirino said...

Thank you Rob. We can't say that 2010 was a winner. Hopefully 2011 will prove to be much better.
Buona fine dell'anno e migliori auguri per il 2011 anche a te ed a tutta la famiglia!