October 22


Every year in October one has the privilege of seeing this, in the valley below the house, in the Alpes Maritimes. And this for 21 years… Old friends.

It’s reassuring, and like ripe beef-heart tomatoes and fresh trumpet zucchini, a good harvest of wine grapes, (and this year’s wine in Italy and France -in certain regions- should be excellent) it all seems to make a mockery of the climate change fanatics.
They cultivate nothing but their own faithless, ideological obsession.

Our summer this year was certainly long and hot, but in the hills inland of Imperia, Italy, I have never seen so much fruit blest by the sun.
The magic of seasons, and autumn is the most fabulous. The colours are always spectacular here, but they are never quite the same.

The beautiful crescendo of colour is so ephemeral, which makes it all the more precious to see. It’s a lovely annual gift that gives one so much pleasure. A warm and gracious display beautifully symbolising life’s miraculous circle.

Text and images © Mirino, November, 2022

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